If you organize a dance event, you want to sell tickets online, have a centralized event management system and a system of attendee accreditation and ticket validation you can do it in go&dance.

When you create an event with tickets for sale at go&dance you automatically appear in the event list, in recommended events, newsletters and special promotions. This way you will not only have a totally secure system for selling tickets but you will also reach the largest community of dance crazies.

To create a dance event:

1. You must be registered with go&dance

To create a dance event you must be registered at go&dance, if you are not registered you can do it here.

We recommend that you use your usual email address so that you can benefit from the service to the maximum and if you are already registered you will only have to identify yourself on the page.

2. You must have a professional account

You must have a professional account. To create it, go to the professionals area and click on the "Create professional account" button.

By creating a professional account you can create events, create courses, create local pages and create artists' pages.

If you already have a professional account, skip this step.

3. Create a dance event with tickets for sale

Now you can create your dance event and publish it in the go&dance dance event list.

The event creation form is divided into several steps.

3.1. General information about the event

You must fill in the name of the event, the dates of the event, the type, the location, add the poster of the event, the description and the frequently asked questions.

This is the form that appears in this section.


3.2. Input type and input configuration

You must select the type of tickets your event has. Or you can choose between early entry, entry with minimum consumption or free entry.

If you want to sell tickets online you must select the first option. If you do this, a form appears for you to add the name of the ticket, the price of the ticket and the number of tickets you want to sell.

You can also make the price increase automatically, make tickets sell in pairs, add additions to the ticket or add as many tickets as you want.

To explain this we are going to create an example where we sell FULL PASS for a congress where the entrance fee increases by 10€ each month and you can also rent a double room for 60€ per night. (Invented data)

We make the price go up.


And if we don't want to add more entries we click on next.

3.3. Program, dance styles and artists

In the program section you can add the schedule of the workshops or the programming of the party in as many rooms as you want. You can also add the artists that go to the event and the dance styles.

IMPORTANT: All the artists and dance styles of the starry event (with go&dance page) will be linked and the followers of those dance styles and those artists will receive periodic notifications according to their interests.

In our example the followers of David & Gemma and who like Cuban Salsa will receive notifications, but it won't be the same with Pepe and Hip Hop.

If you don't want to add more dance styles or artists click on the following link.

3.4. Details of the organiser

You only have to add the organizer's details so that people can contact you.

3.5. Discount and/or promoter codes

If you want to add discount codes or create codes for your promoters you can do it from this section.

You can create as many codes as you want and you can also create the discount you want.

In our example we have created 2 discount codes called "discount" and "promoter code" in the first one there is 5€ discount for each Full Pass and maximum 100 codes can be used and in the second code there is 20% discount in the price of the Full Pass and maximum 20 codes can be used.

3.6. Add billing information and publish it

If you have added tickets to the sale you will see the option to add the billing information.

In order to publish an event with tickets available for sale, it is necessary that you fill in the invoicing details and validate the commercial conditions so that we can make the transfer with the money paid by the client for the tickets and send you the invoice for the service.

If you have questions about the service you can contact us and we will answer all your questions.

4. Reach more people using go&dance tools

Once you have created and validated the commercial conditions of the event with tickets available for sale, you can preview the event and use the tools available at go&dance.

You can sell tickets from your own website
You can send free emails with your invitation to the event
You can create more discount codes or promoter codes
You can consult the statistics of the event. How many people have reached, seen and shared your event.
The best thing to do is to test and create a go&dance event.

So go ahead, create your event now.

A greeting,

Go&dance team