Have you ever had an special day and you have not celebrate it?, or one day it was your birthday and you hoped you were younger?, or have you seen an old friend but as he did not say anything to you, you neither say something to him?, or have you started a new project without enthusiasm?, or have you ever feel bad and when you get good news you do not start dancing with joy?, or have you ever met a person and cheers with him?, or simply have you ever waken up, seen the sun shining and have not taken to the streets?

I bet I do, and I think you should celebrate it.

I think we should celebrate all the small victories in life, even if by telling yourself, "Well done!, Congratulations!, You deserve it!, Great!" Or any phrase for celebration.

Everything good is worth celebrating because any little contribution to your happiness needs a celebration and it should be a victim of your special celebration.

Life has many divisible areas and so it has many twists and turns that you do not know how they will end. Sometimes things go as you expected and it takes all positive mini breaks to enjoy.

 "For every situation to regret (there are always) thousand to celebrate" - Said by someone I greatly admire.

In fact, both at work and with family, partners, friends, your time off, when you're learning, when you dance, or go adventure, or travel, or you undertake new projects there are always small things to celebrate and in so doing they encourage you to keep going.

The fact is that today is a very special day and we want to celebrate this day by thanking you.

Thanks for being here, thanks to use go&dance, to keep dancing, reviewing your favorite places and contributing to this great community of passionate dancing.

Photography of the founders of go&dance celebrating Christmas dinner, talking about the first anniversary of go&dance and all new projects that will come in 2016.

A hug and happy holidays,

go&dance team