You know exactly what you want? What do you want to know, huh?

It's really hard to know exactly what you want because sometimes our opinion is biased by the opinion of our environment or sometimes we just haven't really thought about it.

But we'll tell you what, at go&dance we do know what we want. Why?

A few years ago we started dancing and that's when we discovered all the benefits of dancing. Since then we started dreaming of a world where more people would benefit from them. Helping them so that whenever they wanted to dance they could do it wherever they were.

But how could we achieve this?

With the magic formula that usually works so well.... Detect a problem, think of a solution, test it, analyze the result and start over. Formula we follow every day.

The fact is that a year has passed since we started with the go&dance company and we still have a long way to go before we can really help thousands of people discover where to dance wherever they want to be. But we are still struggling to achieve this and we are sure that we will achieve it.

And since it's our first birthday, we want to celebrate it with you.

We love to celebrate everything!

We're the ones who think that any small victory should be celebrated, and what do you think? (leave us, if you want, your opinion in the comments of the post).

So today, we celebrate this party to mark the culmination of the first year of an inspiring project, a dream come true and a daily work to improve your experience and life as a passionate dancer.

Today we organized a party to celebrate the 1st anniversary of go&dance and we hope to see you doing what you like best. Dance, dance and dance.

Thank you so much for being there!

PS: There are thousands of things we can do to improve your experience, but we'd love to hear from you if you have a great, crazy idea or suggestion. Write to us in the comments What can we do to make your life easier as a person who loves to dance? Or privately at

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