Have you ever organized an event and considered the pros and cons of selling advance tickets online?

If you organize dance events, I'm sure you do.

In fact, we are so sure because one of the big concerns of every event organizer is how to get a great attendance at the event and how to get people to buy their tickets early, right?

To achieve this, you have to do a lot of things like deciding what price to put on the tickets for the event to help you sell more in advance or implement a good marketing strategy, execute a good launch and nail the communication so that your event arrives in the best possible way to your target audience at the time they want and can buy their ticket (we will tell you how to do it in another post).

But now the point is that we are deciding whether or not to use an event creation and ticketing platform online.

And for that we will help you make that decision by writing the pros and cons of selling dance tickets online and at the end we will give you our advice on how we would do it ourselves to take advantage of the advantages of both sales channels.

PROS of selling tickets online

1. You reach more people outside your circle of contacts

The simple fact of having the event published in a portal that works well the positioning and that you have uploaded it with enough time to have been indexed by search engines allows you to reach people within your circle of contacts and many other people who are looking for where to go dancing for different search engines (especially Google).

All those who search the event by search engines like Google.

2. You make it easy for your client to pay

When selling online you have an automatic salesperson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It also allows you to make purchases from anywhere in the world, from any device and accepting most current forms of payment (card, paypal and direct transfer).

In order to make it as easy as possible to pay your customer early entry fees.

3. You don't have to write any information about the attendees

When you sell on the Internet, you have the data of the buyers at all times and without errors.

The client must fill in the information required for accreditation at the entrance of the event and print his own ticket.

4. You don't have to spend money on printing tickets

You save the expense of tickets and the uncertainty of not knowing how many to print in advance because people who buy their tickets online will have their own unique and unrepeatable code printed at home or on their mobile phone.

This way you can ensure that each entry is unique and save the printing of all entries.

5. You have centralized management of sales, assistants, promoters and collaborators

Can you imagine being able to know from one place and very quickly how sales are going both online and offline from all your points of sale?

You can if you create your event online and use the go&dance promoter management tool.

This will save you a lot of time to focus on the most important thing: bringing more value to your customer.

6. There will be fewer queues on the day of the event with Mobile App accreditation

You won't have to use any more paper lists to accredit event attendees as you can do it comfortably with a mobile App so you can scan the tickets of every person who has bought online.

7. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that payment is secure

All payments are secure and are in the bank account of the ticketing company's bank, so you can be sure that the money is safe.

You can also control sales from your private area of event management.

8. You are assured that the data protection law is complied with

Having a reference company that helps you with ticket sales gives you notoriety at the event and the certainty of meeting all legal requirements.

9. Generating trust with proof of payment

The people have their mobile phone and the payment receipt in the email feel safe with what only with that you already generate confidence.

CONS to sell tickets online

1. You lose physical contact with the buyer

On the other hand, if you sell tickets in person in cash or by credit card, you have direct contact with the client and this allows a better interaction.

You will have the possibility to generate confidence and of course solve your doubts about the event.

So everything has to be very well explained on the internet and you have to answer your questions quickly or you won't enjoy the advantages of selling online.

2. It's harder to gain customer trust

If you sell tickets online as I mentioned in the previous point it is more difficult to build trust if you have never used this channel.

In any case, the online ticketing market is growing year after year, so more and more people are relying on this channel.

3. Not everyone wants to shop online

There are always people who prefer to buy their tickets through the traditional channel. In person in cash or by credit card.

4. You do not have the money at the time of the customer's sale

The money is not available at the time of the sale because the money goes to the bank account of the platform and this is the one that transfers the money to you at the end of the sale or depending on the agreement reached.

Anyway, if you charge the entrance fee, you have the money.

In conclusion, what is the best strategy to sell more tickets for a dance event?

If you organize an event in the world of dance and are considering whether to sell tickets online or not, now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of doing it both online and offline so the decision is yours.

But, wait a minute! wait a minute!

There is a third option that consists of combining online and offline sales by centralizing management from a single site.

That is to say, to sell tickets as always (OFFLINE) with the promoters, collaborators, teachers or artists of the event who help you to sell cash tickets to your contacts and combine this sale with the sale of tickets online, but that you manage all the promoters and their commissions from a single place.

What do you think of this solution?.... great, right?

We encourage you to create your own event in go&dance, activate the sale of tickets online and use the management of promoters to have control of everything sold from a single place.

If you want to know more consult now how to organize your event or directly create an event now.

Thank you so much for your time... we want to make your life easier so you can reach more people with less effort!


PD1: If you find that there is a PRO or CONTRA that we have not added, write us in the comments of the post and we will add it.

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