Do you know the key to attracting more people to a salsa event and making it a success?

Do a lot of good things!

And you'll say, go because I already knew this... and I'll tell you "wait, wait, I'm going to tell you several things you can do and that at least you can plan for your salsa event to be a success".

In fact, I'm sure that many times when you're organizing the next party or dance course you talk to your closest contacts to decide what you can do and who you can bring to attract more people. Am I wrong?

Well, these are 6 things you can do to attract more people to your dance event.

1. Define who is the ideal target audience for the event

Your target audience is not all your contacts, friends or people you know from the dance world. Think that they may not be willing to pay the ticket price for your event.

In fact, your ideal client is one who loves dancing, actively seeks out where to go dancing, likes your value proposition and is willing to pay the ticket price for the event.

This last point is very important because sometimes the people you are addressing are not willing to pay that price and you think that the event is a failure but maybe you are wrong audience and modifying that point becomes a success.

Don't make the mistake of addressing the wrong target audience.

2. Analyze where it is, what it does and what tools your audience uses

What's more, you should be able to imagine how old this ideal audience is, what they do, what their income level is, what their consumption pattern is, what their goals are in life as well as with dancing, what their values are, their fears and above all where they are and what technological tools they use to find out about dance events and buy advance tickets.

For example, perhaps your audience are 40-50 year olds, unmarried, employed, who go out to dance every week, who occasionally like to make a getaway with their dance troupe to meet people, enter Facebook every day, search for a place to dance on Google and usually buy everything online.

It is very important that you know what your ideal client does, know him/her and communicate directly to this audience.

You know your target audience?

3. Writes the value proposition in a super simple way

This point is vital as people generally read less and less and only scan content.

We recommend that you focus on indicating what your value proposition is in a super simple way (in a sentence it would be ideal) and repeat it continuously.

Of course, if your event requires a greater description, write it correctly and at least respond to...

What, where, when, how much, who? and how?

4. Start using the same tools your customers use

If you've seen that your customers are on Facebook, shop online and search for events on Google... you should start using Facebook every day and use a platform that allows you to be on the Internet.

For example, we recommend the following:

Make yourself a Facebook page, create an event, invite your friends and publish continuously.

Make yourself a website, integrate online sales into your website and publish valuable content continuously (if you can).

Use a specialized platform to conveniently create your event, publish it and sell tickets online. To do this, there are several on the market but only dance platforms such as go&dance, very few. Create your event now.

5. Find and make key alliances with influential people in the sector

You should know who your target audience is following, in that case if you've detected it. Try talking to that person or group to build a relationship and help you spread the word about the event.

Connect and collaborate with people your target audience follows.

6. Be told without being heavy

Finally, don't forget to publish and communicate continuously but without getting the SPAM tag.

Don't wait for people to come to you alone and act. Any event, product or service without a good marketing campaign does not reach your audience and if it does not reach the public, no one buys.


So don't rely on one single source of customer attraction and make your event a success.

I wish you a great event!

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