Have you published an event on go&dance and want to know what you can do to reach more people by multiplying the reach?

If that is your case, below we will tell you 5 actions you can take to reach more people and increase the reach of your event at www.goandance.com.

1. Add tickets available for sale at go&dance

This is the most important thing to multiply the reach on our platform because just by adding the possibility of your customers to buy their ticket through our platform, your event appears in more sections of the portal because this is how our algorithm works.

By adding tickets available for sale, the event will appear in related events that do not have ticket sales enabled, appear on the blog, on the home page and in weekly newsletters customized according to your interests to our users.

2. Share the event link through social networks

Dancing is social and that's why it moves seamlessly through social networks so share the link to the go&dance event (direct link from where you can buy tickets directly) every now and then in social networks where your target audience is.

We recommend you to share it on Facebook at least once a week until the day of the event.

3. Sell directly from your own website

If you have a website, create a section for the event and integrate the go&dance code that you will find in the "Sell from your website" section and you will be able to direct your customers directly to your website so that they can find out about the event and buy their tickets in advance.

This will improve your image and increase traffic to your website.

By the way, if you don't have a website and are a professional dancer, we recommend that you have it done.

4. Send an invitation to the event by email to your contacts

If you have a mailing list, and have added tickets available for sale at go&dance. You can send a personalized invitation of the event to your contacts and you will know if it reaches them, if they open it and if they click.

Email is the most effective channel for your customers to buy their tickets online.

5. Control the sale of all your promoters from go&dance

If you have promoters and they can make themselves known, this will help multiply the scope of the event.

The more promoters more reach, but be careful because the management of their commissions, their sales and their assistants can become very complex and can take you many headaches and many hours of management.

To do this, use our promoter management tool and you can have full control from one place, from go&dance.

In short, if you have created an event at go&dance and want it to reach more people in this world of dancing, add tickets available for sale, integrate the sale on your website, share the link through social networks and our system will optimize the scope of the event by showing it to those people who may be interested.

Go ahead, enter your event management area and multiply the scope of your event by at least 3.

PS: You may also be interested: how to set the price of tickets to sell more in advance.