Do you believe in a world where every person who wants to dance can do it no matter where they are?

We have!

That's why every new feature we add at go&dance is made to help you find out where to go dancing or learn to dance wherever you are, in an easier and more personalized way for you.

In fact, we strive every day to improve your user experience by offering you what you like, at the time and place that's right for you.

So now we present you with personalized notifications according to your tastes and interests in go&dance.

Why do you get a notification?

Because we think that when you really like something, you want to find out as soon as possible.

How do we know your tastes and interests?

For the information you've given us and for your behavior on the portal.

If you look at your profile there is a section where we ask for information such as dance styles you like, those you would like to learn and the city where you live.

If you haven't filled them out yet, you can do it now here.

On the other hand, every time you follow a dance hall, a dance school, an artist or every time you buy a ticket or are interested in an event, we also understand that you like it.

If you don't yet follow any room, school or artist look for your favorites and follow them here.

When do you receive a personalized notification?

When updating information that is relevant to you and that we believe you should be notified through a personalized notification for you.

For example, you will be notified each time a dance professional you follow updates information on their disco, school or artist page as long as it may be relevant to you.

But don't worry, we won't email you for every notification. In fact, you will only receive notifications through the portal, so you should be entering to see what's new for you.

In short, if there is anything we consider to be relevant information for you, you will receive a notification on the portal.

We do not want to SPAM so you will not receive an email for every notification. Although it is for those most relevant to your tastes.

What type of notifications do you receive?

There are several types of notifications that you will receive depending on your interests.

When a dancer that you like goes to your city, or when an event that interests you is about to raise the price or when an event is created near where you live and where you can dance a dance style that you like... and many more.

But the best thing is for you to use the portal, follow pages, follow events and go to the page to see what's new for you.

We want you to like it, enjoy it and dance non-stop. Everything we do, we do for you.

And now, what will we develop for you next?

We have several things ready, but in the end it all comes down to making your life easier to help you enjoy dancing more around the world.

So whatever helps you with that, we will.

In fact, we'd love to hear more about you and let you tell us what you'd like us to do for you. You can write us a comment in the post or send us an email to I promise we'll get back to you very soon.

We hope you enjoy the personalized notifications and we continue to work with you.

Start enjoying dancing all over the world!