Some time ago we started our journey. At go&dance we have the dream of helping anyone who is interested in dancing, has been dancing for a long time or is considering doing so. Anywhere in the world.

The fact is that today we would like you to answer the following 10 questions to get to know you a little better and be able to help you more with go&dance...

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Now that you have completed the survey... What do we currently offer at go&dance?
We offer up-to-the-minute information from the same dance professionals about dance events, dance halls and dance venues near you. In addition, if you want to learn to dance we offer a list of dance schools with dance classes.

Of course, one of our main objectives is to highlight and spread the benefits and advantages of dancing for the health and happiness of people through our actions and our blog.


How do we want to have the most up-to-date information available to you?

We have developed an online event creation and management tool so that the organizers of parties, workshops and dance congresses can publish their events so that you can know when, how and where they will be held next time, in addition to buying the early ticket at the best price.

Our intention is that you know at all times the options you have in your environment to go dancing, learn your favorite dance and even buy tickets to events, in a comfortable, fast and with all the guarantees of a safe purchase.

We have been developing many functionalities in this time, to improve every day a little more the web page of goandance. com and bring you the value that you are looking for about the world of dance.

In our interest in offering the best, we receive support from many users of the site, friends, family, dance teachers, experienced students, people who are new to dance classes, and others simply interested in dancing someday.

But we want to improve even more, every day a little more, and we need your comments, your suggestions, your doubts, your preferences in the world of dance. Can you help us to improve? This will be in the interests of all.


Have you ever wondered why we dance?

There are many reasons that motivate us to dance, meet new people, exercise, release our daily stress, learn that dance we have always liked, be the object of attention in the party room that we frequent the weekend, to find a partner... or simply have fun.

At go&dance we know that it takes many more schools and dance academies, more venues and venues, many more events and well-known artists all over the world to see our dream come true. That's why we are happy with every event that is published on our website, with every ticket that we manage to sell simply in an intermediary role, with every professional that registers with us.


How can you receive better information for yourself?

#1. Update your details in your go&dance profile
When you set up your profile, you give us the information we need about the dance styles you like, what you would like to learn, and your city.


#2. Follow artists, events, schools and dance halls in go&dance
In addition, when you follow through our platform a school or dance hall, an artist about your favorite dance, or every time you buy a ticket or are interested in an event, we store that data to get to know what you like, and use it for your benefit.

If any information that we consider to be relevant to you is updated and that we think you should be notified, you will receive a notification. We will not fill your email with notifications, you will have them in your portal.


Did you know that you can know the place to dance anywhere?
When you sign up for go&dance, the first thing you'll have at your disposal is a series of sections at the top of the screen with different headings, Events, Classes, Bars and Discos, Schools, Artists and Blog.

Once you enter these sections, you will discover that they work as a kind of search engine, so that you know where you can go dancing. You can do this as close as possible to your location, knowing where the nearby venues are located where you can go dancing, the nearest dance academy or school, congresses and events of salsa, bachata, kizomba, etc., nationally and internationally, etc., etc..


If you are a professional, you will be able to present your premises, your courses, your premises, an exhibition or specific performance, etc. Just create a free professional profile account on your go&dance portal.


And besides, you can... buy dance event tickets
With go&dance, when you register, you can purchase tickets conveniently, quickly and securely from the event or course page.

To do this, and once the transaction is done, you will access your purchase page with all the details of your order and the different forms of payment. Finally, you will receive your payment receipt and order number in your mailbox. With all this, you will be able to download the tickets for the event in question.

(VER: How custom notifications work for go&dance tastes and interests)

Feedback about go&dance


Finally... tell us what you like (please)
Why did you sign up for dance classes, do you feel identified with any of these reasons?

The objective you pursue with your classes can be achieved. And we want to help you.

Therefore we would love to know even more about you, and that you could tell us what you would like us to do for you, tell us what you think of our website, our articles, the information we offer. And above all we are interested in knowing what you would improve on go&dance.

You can write us a comment in the post or send us an email to We'll get back to you as soon as we read it.

At go&dance we are always open to listen to you. Because you're the most important thing to us.