Are you one of those who likes to participate in free sweepstakes? Then go&dance makes it super easy for you. Let me ask you a question...

Have you bought tickets or are you going to buy tickets for dance events at go&dance this February 2017?

In that case, you should know that everyone who buys tickets at go&dance will automatically participate in the draw of the month with their order number.

Maybe you're wondering, why do we do it? And the answer is simple.

Our dream is to help people enjoy their passion for dancing anywhere in the world.

For this reason we want to reward all those people who trust us by automatically participating in the Monthly Draw every time they buy their go&dance ticket.

(See last month's draws)


What is the February 2017 DRAWING?

The DRAW OF THE MONTH consists of drawing among go&dance clients every month products, dance congresses, plans, escapades or unique experiences that will serve you to enjoy life and your passion for dancing all over the world.

In the January 2017 draw, we have the collaboration of the dance shoes brand ADS.

And we will raffle ADS brand dance shoes among all those who place or have placed an order at go&dance in February 2017.


Who is the brand Dance Shoes ADS?

zapatos de baile ads en el sorteo del mes de febrero 2017 en go&dance


ADS is a brand of Latin, standard, ballroom and salsa dance shoes that is strongly developing dance shoes today.

Thanks to the collaboration with professional dancers and the combination of craftsmanship with the latest advances in dance footwear production, ADS has succeeded in launching an incredibly comfortable, flexible and adapted dance shoe collection at international level for professional dancers and ballroom dancing enthusiasts in general.

This month we raffled off a pair of ADS shoes, so if you are a winner, just visit their website and choose the one you like best!

Do you want to see your product catalogue quickly? These are some of their outstanding models of women's dancing shoes and men's dancing shoes from their brand.



Zapato de baile latino para hombres marca ADS


zapato de baile latino de mujer marca ads


Do you like some ADS dancing shoes?
You can buy ADS dance shoes at their online store or wait to see if you get the February go&dance draw.

Remember, with the purchase of tickets for any party or event at go&dance we raffle off some dancing shoes of the brand ADS.

Remember... ADS dancing shoes.

logo marca ADS calzado para el baile España




Who can participate in the DRAW OF THE MONTH?
All people who make at least one ticket purchase (an order) in go&dance during the same month of the Monthly Draw.

The person who pays for the tickets will participate. And if there is someone who makes more than one ticket purchase per month, they will participate as many times as purchases have been made.

Number of entries in the month's draw = number of purchases (orders) in go&dance (not equal to the number of entries).

If the order for any reason is cancelled, you will not participate in the draw of the month.

One month's purchases are only valid for the same month's draw.


When is the draw of the month held?
The draw is held on the first working day of the month following the month of the draw.

This February 2017 DRAW OF THE MONTH will be held on Wednesday, March 1,2017 at 10:00 a. m.


How will the draw of the month take place?
On the first working day of the following month, go&dance staff will take out the order numbers of people who bought tickets the previous month.

You will then place your first and last order on Random. org

This system will result in a random order number and that order will be the winner.

The person who placed the winning order will therefore be the winner of that month's DRAW OF THE MONTH.

Then, on the same day, from go&dance we will contact the winner by email informing them of their prize and how to proceed next.

When we have already won the raffle of the month and have been able to communicate with him, we will announce the name and first surname of the winner by social networks.

VERY IMPORTANT: If we could not contact by email with the winner the same day of the draw, the same draw would be held again the following day and the procedure would be repeated until we can announce a winner.

Recommendation in case you have bought a go&dance ticket: on the day of the draw you should be aware of the email.


Learn more about this month's draw
Of course, if you have any further questions, please send us an email to

Thank you very much for trusting us and we encourage you to keep dancing.

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