This month we raffled off (among all those who buy tickets in go&dance) some dancing shoes of the Danzarina brand.
If you have purchased tickets or are buying tickets for dance events at go&dance or you are booking a free trial dance class this March 2017 you should know that everyone who buys tickets at go&dance will automatically participate in the monthly draw with their order number.


logo de la marca danzarina barcelona. Tienda de zapatos de baile en barcelonaOur dream is to help people enjoy their passion for dancing anywhere in the world.

For this reason we want to reward all those people who trust us by automatically participating in the Monthly Draw every time they buy their go&dance ticket.

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What is the DRAW OF THE MONTH?

The DRAW OF THE MONTH consists of drawing among go&dance clients every month products, dance congresses, plans, escapades or unique experiences that will serve you to enjoy life and your passion for dancing all over the world.

In the draw of March 2017 we will draw a raffle of dance shoes of the brand Danzarina for €75 among all those who make or have made an order in go&dance in March 2017.


Foto del escaparate de la tienda danzarina de zapatos de baile en barcelona


Who's Dancer?

Danzarina is a dance shoes store in Barcelona that offers exclusive dancing shoes, own brand and high quality. It has a wide variety of styles and designs for all tastes, both professional and social dance. All of their shoes offer very good flexibility and padded insole for comfort.
Dancers know how important dancing shoes are and we don't just talk about the design being beautiful. In fact, as its founder says, it's safe and we share from go&dance that when you're on the dance floor, the last thing you want to think about is the discomfort of wearing shoes, right?

Like everyone who dances, what you want is to fully enjoy the dance, the music, the person you're dancing with, you want to feel divine and fly on the dance floor, don't you?


Knowing and thinking about this, Danzarina offers you, apart from the quality and comfort so desired, unique designs leaving you the option of customizing them if you want.

Danzarina is a physical dance shoe shop in the centre of Barcelona where you can also try on some dresses and matching accessories for your next dance, party or bridal shoes. And of course buy accessories to care for shoes such as brushes and heel protectors.


What to do if you like the model of Danzarina Barcelona?
You can buy dancing shoes at her store or wait to see if you get the March go&dance draw.

Remember, with the purchase of tickets for any party or event at go&dance we raffle off some dancing shoes of the brand Danzarina.

Remember... dancing shoes.

How to get to the store: