If you're worried about your weight and looking for a miracle diet, it's convenient to know that these types of diets don't exist, and when they do the rebound effect later can get you back to your weight loss, and probably overdo it.

I'm sure you already know that if you really want to lose weight the most appropriate thing is to combine healthy eating with exercise.

The top 10 tips for living a healthy lifestyle include eating fresh, seasonal foods, not abusing saturated fats or meat products, including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your everyday life, undercooked foods, a wide variety of color in each dish, eating frequently, never overfilling, reducing or eliminating products with refined sugar in their composition, are some of the most valuable tips.

But food alone is not enough. You can still enjoy eating many of the things you like, while losing weight.

In what form? Through exercise. But you don't have to think about tough gym sessions, dynamic sports or endless marathons.

There are many ways to exercise, fun, entertaining, inexpensive and with which you will have additional benefits to weight loss, such as being able to expand your social circle, meet new people, maintain an iron health, gain vitality and enjoy new activities such as dancing....

With this last activity, sign up for dance classes, you can lose the extra pounds, have fun with people like you, learn to dance well your favorite dance, socialize and meet who might be your future partner (perhaps), disconnect from your daily problems, etc....

Next, we discuss the 5 physical and cheap activities to lose a few kilos and regain your silhouette.


#1. Running a few miles every week

All you need for running is two good sneakers and a lot of encouragement. Running for a while each day can offer you some very important benefits: it increases your metabolic rate, increases your endurance capacity and your physical condition, and will help you eliminate body fat.

If you decide to do this exercise, it is important that you keep an eye on your knees, and that you start slowly, progressively increasing your speed and distance.

girl running on the beach with dog to lose weight by exercising


#2. Do yoga classes... Ohmmmm.

Yoga is positive for your body and soul, as well as being a good way to lose weight. If you practice yoga you will gradually notice an improvement in your body's flexibility, relief from back pain, and you will burn calories.

woman meditating doing yoga to improve her fitness by exercising


#3. Lifting a few weights at the gym frequently

It's not that you can enter a championship and lift a three-digit number of kilos of cargo, but we're talking about lifting small weights as part of a routine weekly exercise. In addition to burning off excess calories, you'll gain weight gain, physical endurance and strength.

boy and girl working out at the gym for slimming and fitness


#4. Travelling by bicycle usually

Using a bicycle to get around the city, or taking routes as a sport is beneficial for your health. There's also the option of biking indoors; you can even watch your favorite movie while you practice it.

two people cycling for exercise and country walks


#5. Do dance classes and go dancing every week

Dancing is not only one of the most effective exercises for losing weight, but it's also one of the funniest activities to get in touch with people like you.

By dancing you release the stress that surrounds your body and you can express your creativity and all that you feel.

Did you know that by dancing you can lose the same number of calories as with a few kilometres on a bike or a good walk?

With only one hour of dancing, a normal weight person can lose between 350 and 500 calories.

Dancing burns the same calories as swimming, biking or a good walk. A good dance session would be the equivalent (in terms of calories burned) of a 7-8 kilometer walk.

girls dancing for exercise and slimming in a fun way

How many hours do you have to dance to lose weight?

This will vary according to different parameters, such as the person's physical constitution, the type of dance chosen, etc.

Although it's best to choose the type of dance you like, the one you've always wanted to learn to dance, there are some that, because of the dynamism of their steps or figures, can help you lose weight faster while having a good time. Among them are bachata, cha cha cha, rock and roll, salsa, hip-hop, swing etc.

In any of the options you choose, the most important thing is constancy, that you practice dancing every week, and at least in 45-minute sessions. We also recommend that you complete your dance classes with dancing outings and enjoying weekends on your favorite dance floor.


And now it's your turn...

What is your experience like, what activities do you prefer to lose weight? If you like to dance tell us about your experience, there are many people who will learn by reading to you. Share this article if you liked it.