If you've moved to a new area or city, if you're leaving a marriage or long-term relationship, or if you just consider yourself an introverted person and want to meet new people, there are many activities you can do.

Among them, and one of the channels that we most know the go&dance team to meet new people and have fun with them, are the dance classes where you make friends and go out to practice with your group those new steps you have learned.

Would you like to meet new people and have fun? We suggest some ideas below, but first...


7 top activities to meet new people


How do social relationships and our personality work, are you sociable?

People are sociable by nature and this distinguishes us from other animal species. Since antiquity we have been grouped together not to be alone, we have shared tasks, etc.

To relate with other people brings us different benefits, among which are:

  • We have less stress because we have fun with our group of friends, and we disconnect from our daily worries.


  • The positive emotions that our social environment provides us increase our level of well-being.


  • Having experiences with many different people increases our degree of empathy and our ability to put ourselves in the place of others. Empathy, in addition to having it naturally, can also be trained and developed.


  • In those difficult moments or stages, loneliness is not a good companion. It's best to choose to tell your friends about what's happening to us, leave home and stay active.

Seven activities ideal for meeting new people in your life

#1. Learn a new manual skill

Sign up for workshops in reading, photography, yoga, sculpture, round tables, crafts, cross stitch, or whatever..., it will serve to meet new people, and also share with her your hobby.

Surrounding yourself with people with similar interests and concerns to yours will make it easier to start the conversation, even if you are a shy person.


 #2. Meet up with Meetup... New plans, new outings, what did you think for the weekend?

Sign up for meetings of different groups through Meetup, excursions, exhibitions and exhibitions, you don't have to be lazy to make new plans.

No fear of meeting people you date because you have common interests.


 #3. Do volunteer work

Another of the best ways to meet new people, and also participate in social causes of solidarity. There are many topics and projects in which you could participate. There is no need to travel with an NGO, there are many ways to help.

And in addition to meeting great people, you'll feel great for having done your bit to improve the world with your small or big altruistic action.

Although in this case we do not recommend that you sign up to volunteer just to meet people but to really help.


 #4. Practice sport... try other sports

Another way to meet new people is by doing sports. A tennis or swimming club, martial arts, games and team sports. If you are a sportsman, there are many options.

Practicing different outdoor physical activities also helps to improve your future learning ability.

So if you already practice sport, try to make a different team.


 #5. Take English classes or language exchange

Language exchanges are also places to meet people. It is not necessary to go to another country, there are group meetings in bars and cafés, with another person to chat, etc.

Or you can also take English lessons.


#6. Travel, travel, travel, travel...

One of the best ways to meet people and advance social skills is to travel alone.

There will be no choice but to interact with other people. There are even trips organized only for singles, that is, for people who go alone or unmarried? Ideal to meet and make groups. ;)


#7. Dance, what music would you like to dance?

Dancing has multiple benefits, and meeting new people is one of them. The dance is one hundred percent social, social relations are inherent to it, and also dancing is enhanced by dancing.

Dance classes are the best place to meet people and socialize with success, as well as having fun and learning to dance to the music you like.

The kind of relationships that dance makes possible, have an important basis, that of camaraderie and fun, originated by the fellowship in learning and friendship that is being formed.

If you start dance classes, it won't take long and you'll see yourself staying with dance partners to practice what you've learned in class and improve, all in a group. Dance combines sport, art and enjoyment.

In addition to sociability, from a mental point of view, dancing enhances self-esteem and improves our general state of health by relieving stress, favouring circulation, and burning.

Are you afraid to dance because shyness can get in your way?

You don't have to be an expert to dance, let alone to start dancing classes.

Although at first it may seem to you that everyone will look at you, the reality is that in dancing you look at those who do the figures very well, to learn.

Older couples and dancers will not notice your potential stumbles, which are exactly the same as the ones they had when they started dancing.

The dance will allow you to get to know people from different places, from different cultures little by little. You don't have to know someone else's language to dance with him or her.


Don't think about it, find your next dance course and sign up now!


How do you or would you like to meet people?

Have you ever felt that need to meet new people in your life, but without knowing how to do it?

Tell us your experience in the comments, we are looking forward to hearing about your experience.

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