It is your salsa night, like every week you go to your ideal ballroom where you love to go... you are beautiful, you are pretty ... very cute! You take with you the urge to move your body and your shiny dance shoes ready, those that you love to were.

you arrive at the place. You put your shoes on and you look around. Suddenly, it sounds a song you love so you want to dance. You stand there, furtively looking around but nobody approaches you to dance ... and what do you do? Do you stay standing or to sit you become a little frustrated because you wanted to dance to that song?

Sure or you or a friend of yours sometime have been through this situation ...but that’s over. It is time to take control!

1. Find the guys you would like to dance with

Whether you want to dance with advanced level guys or on the other hand you still feel a bit insecure on the dance floor and you prefer to dance with people at your level ... the first step is to find them!

Look at couples who are dancing on the track and stay with the boys with whom you think you will enjoy yourself and have fun. Sure there are a few!

2. Position yourself strategically

It is sure that there are different guys that you would love to dance salsa, bachata or Kizomba, but do not hurry ... one by one!

Decide who you want to dance the next song with and stand as close as possible without interrupting couples who are dancing at that time. That does not mean you get into the middle of the track and stay there until the end of the song! You simply deduct proximity to where the guy I want to dance salsa when you finish the song will go. This will make it easy to go to if you are where you are.

3. Go for him

This is the moment, your moment! Forget the shame, fears and everything. Just think about what you want ... "I want to dance."

Just go determined to him... there is no need to rush (although you can do it). Greet him first of all and, if it is not addressed to you, touch his back and ask with your best smile: Do you want to dance? For sure he will accept!

The boys, like us, feel flattered when a girl asks you to dance. The fear of being told that is not one of the main reasons why we find it hard to dance with the boys. It rarely happens but if you say no, he loses! Absolutely nothing happen, you can ask to dance to someone else.

4. Have fun and smile

Congratulations! You have decided that you wanted to dance the next song and you are doing it. You have taken the reins. Now just be you, do not be ashamed or wanting to prove anything to him. And as we do not like to dance with serious and boring guys, they do not want that either. So prove you're having fun and have fun. Believe it, just so he will also enjoy dancing that song with you.

Sure that the next time he sees you he will be who takes you out!

Now tell me, what will you do next time that sounds the song that you like?