Rather than a natural response to music, dancing has been a way of communicating from the era of caverns.

It is well known that when we dance we transmit joy, sympathy, closeness, desire and, above all, we project our true personality. In fact, thanks to dance we release stress, approach the opposite sex and uninhibited ourselves. I'm sure you've already felt it if you've started your dance classes.

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But dancing without knowing how to do it is a problem for anyone. No wonder shyness in those who do not know how to move the skeleton properly. If good dancing socializes, having two left feet can detract from an individual's social worth in the middle of a party.


Why should you take dance lessons?

The truth is that there are many reasons to start dancing but for example in an academy you can learn the ideal dance steps with which you will defend yourself in the disco or in your favorite dance club.

In any case, now we tell you 5 reasons to start dancing.

5 reasons to register for a dance course

1. You will have a new tool for social outreach

Learning to dance is like when you had your first smartphone with an Internet connection. The moment you started pressing the keys you knew you had a new tool that would allow you to communicate with many people.

Also, knowing how to take some good steps in salsa or flamenco allows you to make new friends and even find the love of your life. By mastering the fine art of dancing you will be motivated to visit clubs and discos, where you can meet all kinds of people and also invite them to dance.

Socializing will be easy, but this is not the only benefit you will get from learning to dance.

We've been telling you for some time now why signing up for dance classes and I'm sure you might be interested.


2. Dancing strengthens your self-esteem

When you are invited to a party and you go with your partner, but you don't know how to dance, you probably feel in a second or third place. In front of you, there are people who dance well and draw attention to themselves. In those moments you feel a little envious and you'd like to be like them, wouldn't you?

In short, if you don't know how to move to the rhythm of the music you feel as if you have a few points less. So... What should you do? Learn to dance!

It is not a question of revaluing yourself in front of your partner, but of raising your own self-esteem. By knowing how to dance, you will have one less limitation and it doesn't mean that you must do it every moment if you don't want to.


3. Dancing boosts your brain and prevents diseases such as senile dementia

The reality is that your brain will thank you for dancing regularly. According to some scientific studies, practicing any type of dance reduces the possibility of dementia by 76%.

We are not just talking about those people who suffer from some sort of brain disease, but about the senile dementia to which we are all prone. The fact is that learning dance routines enhances coordination and promotes memory.

Remember that your brain is like a muscle: in the absence of exercise, it loses substance and its function begins to diminish. What you don't use is damaged!


4. Learning to dance makes you smarter

Continuing with the logic of the previous argument, moving is learning. By constantly practicing dance steps and routines, you get your brain used to facing new learning mechanisms.

In addition, dancing correctly helps your neurons to establish much stronger and more stable connections with each other. This will boost your ability to hold back when studying a career or reading a book.


5. Dancing will make you happier

If you have better social relationships and intelligence you are a more complete being. But added to this, by dancing for certain periods of time you release endorphin, which is known as the happiness hormone.

What do people do when they go through a breakup?

Well, he just goes to the disco and starts moving to the rhythm of the music. The fact is that this activity generates instant happiness. Being in a dance academy will subject you to states of continual happiness.

Do you need more reasons? Go to a dance school and sign up for it. Don't wait any longer! And share this article, so that other people can read it, I'm sure it will help them a lot.


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