Have you ever wondered how you decide the ballroom where you are dancing today? Is likely to decide by inertia, because you always go to the same place, because your friends are going to a new place and you want to go with them, or because someone recommended you a new place ... but what if it is still not enough?

What do you do when you go to a new city?

For example, I always write on Google where to go dancing salsa in the city where I am and it often appears Facebook pages, blogs from the area, some directory neglected and sometimes I even encounter a page that seems to answer this question.

But I always feel the same. I still do not know if the place is open, if I will like, if there will be many people, if that day will be Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba music... In short, the information found is not enough, I need more.

What made you decide to go to a dance hall or another?

There are many things that can make you decide to go to one place or another but in go&dance we want to offer quality information that allows you to go whenever you want to dance wherever you are. To do so we believe in you. We know you are the protagonist and trust your mind every time you dance is the key to achieving this goal.

For this reason, from now on you can add your opinion of the place every time you go to dance.

We have added a space solely for that you can express your opinion of that place, whether it's a new place or usual place.

You can say what you think of the party in general, add a comment and evaluate the different factors that matter to those who dance for a spectacular experience (If it's warm, if you like the music, if the room was amazing, if you danced much ...). In order to improve your future experiences.

We want to know what you think and thus help other people to make that difficult decision to know where to go dancing next time.

You want to assess the place where you go to dance the last time?

Search the places where you were dancing the other day and now add your comment in go&dance.

Thank you for your trust and go to dance!!!!!!!