The other day while resting between songs, a friend told me she had just danced with a guy and she had not enjoyed anything. She explained that the boy danced well but he easily lost the rhythm and when he realized he had lost was hot pulls up the time and she did not like, she was uncomfortable and she did not enjoy the song.

Anyway, I was amused because after 5 years out dancing I realized that what the boys complain when they dance with girls is different from what the girls complain when they dance with guys. And there are other complaints common to both.

So without going into the experiences that everyone lived with other personal hygiene, these are the most common complaints of the boys when they dance with a girl and girls when dancing with a guy. Did you ever happen?

What girls say when they complain?

- He does not look at my face and he does not smile when I dance

- If he dances better than me, he does not adapt to my level or he dances alone

- If he dances worse than me, I hate that he corrects me all the time

- He does not known how to guide because among other things he marks the steps too strong or too loose

- He loses the rhythm and makes me lose it as well

- He does not follow the rhythm of the music, he makes too many figures or too many laps

What boys say when they complain?

- She put faces of boredom and she does not look at me, she does not smile and does not see that it is going well

- She does not follow the rhythm of the music, she get advanced (or delayed) over time

- It is difficult to guide her because she has no strain on her arms and body

- It is difficult to guide her because she has her next movement in her head

- The girl dances alone and she loves too much that people look at her

Personally I think the most important thing is attitude. Skills, the level and style are things that get better with time, but the attitude is up to each one and no matter if you know much or know little. In fact there are some complaints that are tied to learning and nothing happens, we've all been there. But others are linked to the person and they are in fact the most troublesome generally change.

So from now on if you go to dance, you know that the important thing is to follow the rhythm of the music, find the connection with your partner and you have fun while you look and you smile. And if you're wrong, nothing happens, apologizes and you continue dancing.

You already know where to go dancing next time?

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