I love to dance salsa and bachata. I love social dancing. I enjoy when I go to a dance hall and ask to a girl to dance, I try my steps, rest and keep dancing song after song. I just love it!

In fact, after so many years dancing there are millions of stories to tell but those where you say or do something and the girl does not understand you are the best. The two you laugh, creates a momentary complicity and follow enjoying dancing.

But have you ever taken someone to dance and has rejected you? I am sure it has happened to you and I am also sure that you have done it as well.

In fact it is normal, there are many circumstances that make you say NO and that the person taking dance does not know. So, after having asked for social networks, these are the most commonly used phrases that people use to reject someone when they take to dance.

Rejection phrases most used and "acceptable" for both boys and girls

  1. 1. The most common: The answers most commonly used; "No, I'm tired / a. Let’s dance the next song "or" no, I have to rest. Sorry. "Or" no, I'm really sweating "or" I'm sorry, I do not want now. "


  1. in a hurry: some people say, "I have med with other" or "no, I was leaving."


  1. The unsure: Then there are those who say; "It Is not this dance" or "no, it is very fast" or "do you know a lot." Comment: the only way to improve is to practice.


  1. Cuban Salsa vs Salsa LA: Some people say, "no, that you dance salsa online" or vice versa. But then also just they are dancing salsa.

Acceptable but less striking phrases

  1. Edge: On one side are those who are more cranky and say, "I do not want to dance with you" or "No, I know little" or "no, you should rest a bit you're really sweaty."


  1. 6. The funny Edge: The sharp and contemptuous but with a touch of humor phrases: "no, I'm going to suffer a gym" or "I'm not constipated / o do not want to stick it."


Personal comment: Sometimes I say no to someone but if I do so I always try to look for her the next song and ask if she wants to dance. I think that's the least thing to do because you have to be brave to ask someone to dance and she might bad you say no. Also feel bad that say "no dancing" and two minutes to be dancing with someone else.

Finally, I must say that we love the nice stories so literally I writhe what someone wrote to us:

"I began to dance salsa and he had a couple of years of advantage ... and he said: "Buff... this song is very fast "and took me by the hand and sat staying so wide. The following year I asked to be a dancing couple and hard idyll 10 years lol. "

Finally we wish you to spend a happy summer, we wish you to dance and enjoy as you deserve. And remember, if you go somewhere new, search in go&dance where to dance salsa, bachata or Kizomba.