When I started dancing salsa I thought people were aimed to join salsa lessons to learn some steps and to apply them in their usual club. I did not know you could go dancing at many sites and that existed salsa congresses and festivals worldwide (Here we tell you what a dance congress is like inside!).

That time passed, I made more salsa lessons, I started to dance in dance clubs, I signed up to other styles of dance (bachata, Kizomba ...) and eventually my interest was piqued by attending a congress of salsa and bachata to learn more, try other teachers and teaching methods and have a great time dancing.

At that time I did not know the different options that there were only to dance so I told my classmates. My friends do not know how long they learned dance festivals was soon near where we lived. There was no website where you could find all the events and congresses of salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. And since then I've been to a few meetings and the truth is that I love them.

What's on today in the dance events world?

Today there are many dance events to which you can go for a very reasonable price. There getaway weekend, conferences, intensive courses, workshops more evening party and festivals of salsa, Bachata and Kizomba throughout Spain in which if you plan ahead and buy your ticket in advance you can attend numerous workshops proposed where learning new steps, meet other teachers, improve your style, meet people and especially dance till you drop.

Who organizes dance events?

These festivals of salsa, bachata and Kizomba are organized by event companies, cultural associations, dance schools or artists in these events and how you can buy your ticket is varied.

Where to buy tickets for these events?

Currently, tickets to an event of this type and depending on the event, you can buy at the same school that organizes it or directly to the teachers who collaborate doing workshops and activities at the event, or making a transfer and sending proof of payment to the organizer, or conveniently buy tickets online without displacement.

In go&dance we want that, make your life easier so that whenever you want to go to an event and we sell tickets for it, you can buy your tickets online easily and in a completely safe way.

We are lovers of new technologies and embrace them to get a better life. So we want to help you to find where to go dancing, all salsa congresses around you and if you want to buy the tickets, you can use us.

Therefore, we encourage you to find the event for you and your friends, plan ahead of time attendance and buy your early entry into go&dance.

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