Every time since I started dancing I am more a fan of this world. I just love it and I always want to improve, I want to go to practice my steps and keep learning in different dance schools, courses, and workshops and go to dance each time I can at every special event which I can go.

The fact is that for me there are different factors that make each dance school different. Factors such as the environment, teachers, facilities, people, the location of the school, the events they organize or their teaching method make your dance school special to you and they also make you an unconditional fan of it and happy to follow outlined therein.

So to know what do you appreciate the most of your dance school a few days ago we did a survey and the results we have summarized in the 6 things you value the most to choose and follow in your dance school.

1. Location of the school and its facilities are imported but not decisive

People value the environment and the educational project behind and if you have to drive to find what best fits you, you do so without problems.

In fact, we all know people who make kilometers to attend class and they do it happily.

2. The course price is important but it is not the most important thing

Surprisingly the price is not everything. It is important but it is only a decisive factor for the 10% of the people who answered the questionnaire.

Perhaps at the price is very important if you have never attended a class and you do not know anything from this world, but for those who took time dancing the price becomes less important.

3. The number of people per class is crucial and it should not be too large

It is an important and decisive factor for over 81% of people questioned. In fact people feel that this is more important than the fact that the classes are balanced in level.

4. The classes must be balanced between the number of boys and girls

Dance classes, if they are in couple, should have the same number of boys as girls or at least a vacancy.

Those who answered the questionnaire do not like to wait when they learn new steps and movements.

5. The good mood of the dance class and school are key factors

Dancing makes you happy and learning in a pleasant environment people find it decisive. In fact almost all who responded indicate that it is a factor that helps them to keep going at the same dance school.

6. What really matters most is people value education and charisma of teachers

Finally the most important factor it the teaching method, how to do it, the attitude of teachers, empathy and charisma that have dance teachers is what is most valued by all respondents. In fact the name of the teachers and the school are factors that people do not find relevant while connecting with teachers.

So if you match with this post and you like your dance school, look it up here and add your opinion. Once you have done encourage your friends to do it and give others to discover it.

Many thanks!

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