Do you wear dancing shoes when you are going to dance salsa, bachata or kizomba, what brand do you wear? and why did you choose this shoe and not another?

Many questions that probably if you're a boy don't ask yourself, but if you're a girl, it's very likely that you do and if you've been dancing for a long time, that you have a pair or more shoes at home, am I right?

The fact is that today, just a few days before our 1st anniversary of go&dance, we are talking about the story of one of our special collaborators of the event.

We tell you about the beginnings, mission and philosophy of GLOSSDANCE, a new brand of dancing shoes.

Glossdance is a signature whose only reason for being is to satisfy the illusion of every dancer and every dancer so that they can have a dance shoe as exclusive as everyone wants and all this without having to spend an excessive amount of money.

How GLOSSDANCE is born as a business venture

What we at go&dance love about this dance shoes brand is that it is born from the enthusiasm of teachers for helping and teaching their students to enjoy dancing.

Teachers who have been advising their students at their dance school for many years on which dance shoes to buy, helping them to choose the ideal pair for their dance style, physiognomy and personality. And the best part of all is that after so much advice and knowledge resulted in the origin of this business project that has flourished in this brand.

GlossDance, a signature that bears the identifying mark of its creator, Mónica Vázquez. An expert in choosing the right shoe for every person and who brings shine to everything she does.

For this reason the logo of this new dance shoes brand could not be called otherwise than GlossDance.

In this way and very focused on Latin dance shoes (at the moment) this new brand of shoes is born launching three series of products of high quality and personalization.

Initial Series

GlossDance with its initial series of dance shoes has simple pieces in decoration, but extremely comfortable. Usually black and copper colors, although you can also find them in other colors. Especially suitable for dancers who are just starting or who don't like to attract attention.


Gloss Series

With the Gloss Series of dancing shoes we are looking for a more pronounced glass decoration of different colors, shines and designs.

This series is ideal to shine GlossDance style on the dance floor.


Magic Series


Finally, GlossDance launches its Magic Series of totally custom dance shoes.

Where the brand helps you design the shoes of your dreams.

GlossDance's professional team, thanks to their strong experience in choosing dance shoes for people, will offer you designs based on your tastes and different combinations that are perfect for you. And in the end, it's up to you to decide what your shoes will look like.


One of the keys to GlossDance

Manufacturing begins with the sourcing of some high quality materials from different parts and markets around the world, always in accordance with GlossDance's quality standard.

On the other hand, the rest of materials and final assembly works, as well as customization and decoration are carried out in Spain.

This way of manufacturing allows the brand to have relatively low production costs and thus to be able to have very competitive prices compared to other dance shoe brands while always respecting a very high quality.

So GlossDance is a new brand specializing in choosing the perfect dance shoe for you with a lot of personality and therefore an ideal brand to make yourself known by raffling off on our 1st anniversary of go&dance a pair of boy shoes and another pair of girl shoes.

We'll wait for you there!

For the moment here you can see a sample of the Glossdance Showroom: