A few days ago we asked in social networks what do you like the most when you go to dance. In order to know the answer we created a questionnaire and carried out 4 questions that were answered anonymously. We asked:

  • How long have you been dancing?
  • What is the dance that you like the most when you go to dance?
  • What days of the week do you usually go dancing?

And we asked you select the combination of songs that you like in order to be able to know what you like when you go to dance and offer information tailored to your tastes and preferences in go&dance.

I must admit that before the study I had an idea about what I thought the answer would be, but I confess that I have discovered some things and some of them might surprise you.

Those who dance are faithful

56.25% of those who answered the questionnaire more than three years ago dancing.


People prefer salsa

Salsa is preferred by 58.33%, bachata the 33.33% and the rest prefer Kizomba. The funny thing is that those who started dancing more than 3 years ago prefer salsa and instead those who have just started dancing prefer bachata. Perhaps it is like that because of the difficulty of learning each dance style? Or it is maybe because bachata is fashionable?


Saturday night is the day for partying

Saturday Saturday ... let’s go dancing on saturday! It is the favorite day to go dancing for 24.19% of the people but Fridays remain closely by 20.97% and Sundays by 20.16%. This makes perfect sense. Although there are many people who go out during the week, many other people prefer to go out so they can sleep peacefully the next day without being bothered by the alarm. What's your favorite day to go out?

Personally, I confess that I wish the dance halls would open before 23:00 on weekdays to get out more days per week.


More bachata please! Two salsas - 3 bachatas - 1 Kizomba

The winning combination for the 23.68% of the people when you are dancing is two salsa songs, 3 bachata songs and 1 Kizomba song. Even though salsa is the preferred dancing style it is curious that more people prefer this combination. What has become clear is that bachata is fashionable and the trend is growing.

The question now is: In which ballrooms this combination is fulfilled? Maybe in those places which are more fashionable? Soon we'll find out!


We go out to dance more than 2 times per week

We are restless and increasingly want more, more, more ... we love to dance and we do so 2.51 days each week. Spectacular!

But attention to those who started dancing between 1 or 2 years ago they come out to dance more than 3 times a week! They are awesome!

On the other hand, the least that go out to dance are precisely those who has just started dancing and they only go out 1.33 times per week. Is it because they do not know where to go? Or because they are embarrassed getting people to dance? Or because they still believe they do not know enough steps? Clearly soon they will start going out more frequently.


Amazing Kizomba!

Kizomba lovers are those who started dancing many years ago. Perhaps it is because they know the other styles of dance, or maybe because they want to try new styles and this is beginning to be more fashionable?

The best thing of all is that there are more people enjoying this amazing world every day. And this is what we want in go&dance. To help people find where to go dancing and enjoy this world.