Have you ever been dancing and you can’t remember the step you learned in your last class? it has happened to me many times and this gives me a lot of anger. It would be ideal to be able to remember all the steps that one has ever learned in classes, workshops or watching videos online.

But the truth is that we do not remember the movements and we have done a thousand of things to try it such us putting names to the steps, recording them on video or watching them again and again. But you wonder why this is not enough?

The problem is how the memory process works and what we do is not all we need to do to remember all the steps.

The memory is a process that everybody can improve by working on it. So it is very important to know that when we try to learn something, if we really like it, it is much easier to remember afterwards. In addition, if we have fun while we are learning produce endorphins and it is an essential mechanism to reinforce learning and keeping information.

It is necessary to say that the 4 steps of how memory works are association, visualization, imagination and practice. And applied to the dance, these are the 4 foolproof tricks to remember all the steps learned in class.

Associate movements with words or things

When you're in class and the professor is explaining the step it is very important for you to go mentally associating each movement with different things. It may be the rhythm, the voice of the teacher, the person with whom you dance... So you can be aware of where each body part is in every moment related with the figures or shapes that you have associated.

Actually, it is for this reason that the names of the steps for each movement were invented because this facilitates the learning. So repeating the step name and associating it with the movement is the first point to remember.

Visualize all the movement over your head

Always visualize the movement in your head. You should visualize all the sequence of hands, feet, arms, joining it with the beat in your head.

That is why the videos help us to remember. But only for watching the video you will not be able to remember the movement, because you have to visualize it before in your head!

Imagine when you are dancing and starting the movement

Imagine yourself in the ballroom while you are dancing, having fun, having made several steps and at some point imagine that you have your hands and feet in a certain way. Imagine then how to start over the moment and try to imagine different starting with another combination of hands. Right to right, right to left. But imagine it!

You can try to explain the step to another person. It will help to combine all the key points for remembering.

Go out dancing and practice many times

The most important point of all is this. Practice, practice, practice. Go out dancing and don’t be afraid of trying new steps. At this point you have associated the movement with ideas, you have visualized it in your head, and you have imagined yourself practicing it so now you only have to dance, have fun and enjoy... go&dance

Now you have no excuse. We want you to go and dance. Look where to go here, get your tickets in advance and enjoy your passion.