So much so that tutorials on recipes for dishes and desserts for all tastes are in fashion lately, has anyone ever thought of uploading videos on the Internet about the best recipe for a healthy, happy and fun life?

A recipe with which we can become the Arzak of optimism, a Bulli of all the excellence that life has to offer us.

What would your basic ingredients be, listening to good music every day, reading every possible self-help book even if everyone tells you the same thing, running away like someone who runs away from something every day?

Okay, that's fine. We're focusing. Comb your hair a little and get ready to go. Take the shopping cart and aim all these ingredients to prepare our recipe for healthy, happy and fun life today.

We do all this because at go&dance we want to improve people's lives through the benefits of dancing.

By the way, make it fast as stocks run out...


#1. 200 grams of eating well

Yeah? Eating healthy helps me be happy? That's what the experts and, above all, those who eat well say. A healthy diet makes us feel luxurious both physically and mentally. And this, in these times, is usually synonymous with happiness.

The daily life we lead is full of great mountain stages and hard climbing times. The Tour de France is nothing compared to what you do every day to get ahead.

Having enough energy to face all challenges with optimism is the basis of a healthy life. Healthy eating is the beginning of everything.

#2. A pound of good sleep

If you spend practically a third of your life sleeping, it's because you need to, isn't it? You have to be aware that a good night's sleep will make you happier and healthier.

Feeling rested during the day will make us face things with energy and optimism. You've never been told in the face of any anger or bad luck,"You didn't sleep well tonight, did you? Then you know it, listen to them and sleep, sleep...

#3. A portion of doing things you like to do

Take a good note of what we're going to say: it's always the right time to do what you really like. And don't give me the "... I really don't know what I like..." cliché.

If you have to stop and think about what you like, it's wrong. What we like is not something we have to think about, but something we have to do. To define what you like is only action. It's doing it, do you like it? Well, go ahead. It's not that hard to understand.

How long have you been postponing that getaway you want to do for lack of time, remember that time when you told us you were going to sign up for dance classes? You haven't done it yet, have you? If you like it, do it. There are no more excuses.

#4. Some slices of getting some exercise.

Oh, exercise... oh, sports... does that have to do with being happy and leading a healthy and fun life? But I'm the sport thing... I'm the exercise thing....

You must know how to combine the ingredients of this recipe. It's not about everyone going their own way. Try combining exercise with the portion of doing things you like.

For example, do you like dancing, would you like to learn? Well, what better recipe to combine exercise with doing something you like. You don't need to shake it too much. Dancing is an alternative that will give your life a healthy, fresh and fun touch.

#5. 2 tablespoons of being with people who add up

Imagine the situation, so typical and characteristic: you meet a friend to tell him about a problem you have. Before I finish telling him, he cuts you off to tell you that he's having a hard time, too, and that his is even worse.

You go home and wonder: hey, now in addition to my problem, I have the worry about my friend's problem. But have we stopped to think of a solution?

No, it is not a question of adding more problems, but of adding solutions. And you have to surround yourself with these optimistic people who know how to add solutions and reduce problems without using the calculator.

#6. 1 liter of stress relief

Life is a continuous stress. We all agree on that, don't we? Good and bad things happen to us every day. What else we would like only the most pleasant ones to pass us, but no, there are those for all tastes.

Happiness, however, does not depend so much on good things happening to you in life as on the way you deal with those things that happen to you. And this especially affects your stress.

If you propose the exercise (look, the exercise again) to release a little bit of stress every day, to deal with the "bad things" in another way, you are already achieving something very important. Victimism is no good to us. From now on, acceptance and good face.

#7. Elaboration: a good purpose

Once we have all (or at least some) of the ingredients of our recipe for healthy, happy and fun living, what will be the process of elaboration?

Oh, my friend. That's up to you now. Each person is a world and the method of elaboration for each very different.

Some of you will need to shake everything very well and others just spread it very gently. The ideal is to reach the best point of flavor, neither too hot nor too cold.

Oh, and by the way, the finishing touch. Something like the famous twig of parsley from Arguiñano: this dish should be served to the diner with a good purpose.

Set a goal and fight for it. Healthy, happy and fun life doesn't just rain from heaven. You have to put yourself in the kitchen every day and prepare a good recipe.

And enjoy it!


La receta para una vida sana, feliz y divertida