Why do we like some dance performances more than others? I have always wanted to know what makes a show like and the truth is that there are many factors that influence the success of a performance. Strength, practice, concentration, connection, originality, elegance, attitude, presence, wardrobe...

The fact is that in every week in go&dance we upload videos of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and other dances with the aim that you discover new artists, that you know new dance styles and of course to have a great time.

Today, thanks to the great impact that these 3 videos posted on our social networks have had we have taken this opportunity to take out from them the 3 pillars for a successful choreography.

1. Originality

The main goal of a choreography is to entertain the audience for this reason it is vital to be original, innovative and to achieve arouse emotion from the audience. It is therefore vital that it has a magnificent song that manages to create an emotional connection with the audience.


2. Attitude

Whenever you act you have to put attitude. You have to infect the audience with your energy, your posture, even the gestures of the hands and face. It is therefore important to smile, caring presence and elegance. In the end it comes to infect the audience with your attitude so that you also enjoy.

3. Practice

Any show, performance or choreography requires many trials to achieve the connection with your partner needed to perform all movements and acrobatics. It is very important to be focused and work to gain physical strength, speed, balance, agility and confidence.

Have you ever performed a choreography? Tell us how it was