The month of September is approaching and with it the return to school of the youngest children and also the return to all activities, including dance classes, right?

Now we do a short review to prepare the return to dance classes and to begin...

Basic things you should check before you sign up for dance classes
If you are going to continue at the same dance academy where you went to class before the summer, it is important that you make sure of the new timetables from September onwards, the formation of new groups, the group in which you will be assigned or where you can join, etc.

Review all the lessons learned from the previous dance course

In order to get the most out of it from the beginning, it is very positive that you are going through all the material you have on the last course. If you have videos of the classes or the learning of some figures, notes, photographs, tutorials through the Internet, etc. With all this you will be able to get "up to date", and assimilate new content in the shortest possible time.

We must not forget that evolution in dance requires training and practice, as a complement to the teacher's classes and teachings. Practicing at home and also in dance halls during weekends, holidays, etc., is the key to making good progress.

Prepare your dance classes, make friends and have fun.

Oops! You've never done dance classes before? In September, learn and enjoy
If you haven't attended dance classes so far, the month of September is very close. It's the ideal time. The first thing you need to consider is the style of dancing that suits you. There are many and varied and all have their charm.

If you prefer the more commercial music, called R&B, you may be interested in some styles such as hip-hop or Funky. If you choose the most classic, Jazz and Ballet will surely make you enjoy what you like. Do you prefer ethnic rhythms, experience different cultures? There are also interesting options, such as Tribal Fusion, Oriental Dance or Bollywood.

If you feel like going out with your friends for drinks and blending in perfectly on the dance floor, Latin dances are sure to be your ideal choice. Salsa, bachata, kizomba, merengue, etc.

Have you taken a few extra pounds for a sedentary lifestyle during the summer? Some dances combined with sport like Zumba will help you to recover your line.

If you already dance, encourage your friends and get them to sign up for dance classes.

If you have friends who would like to accompany you in dance classes, but have doubts, fears, indecisions, etc., discuss with them the benefits of learning to dance, enjoying a different activity, meeting people.

In our dance classes we disconnect from problems and worries, work and personal, and focus on activity. In addition, after these sessions we can look at everything from a different perspective and find solutions to the problems we hadn't thought of before.

You may be interested in this post, what you should value before signing up for dance classes (to read later).

Other benefits of dancing come from the promotion of self-esteem, unlocking the mind and body, freeing oneself from shame. We have to know that in daily life the same thing happens as in dancing, we have to let ourselves be carried away, keeping calm at all times, without losing sight of the objective. That way we will find better solutions.

Find the ideal dance school for you

If people from your local circle are looking for the ideal dance school, the one closest to you or where classes of the chosen style are taught, you can help by providing guidelines for the right choice. You should also consider these tips if you are looking for an academy for the first time or have decided to change.

To help you choose the right dance school or style for your task, go&dance offers you a useful search engine for dance schools.

Classes that stimulate passion. The best motivation and the maintenance of proper discipline during dance classes comes from a passion for the chosen style. In this way, it will be very easy to overcome the other obstacles.

The quality of the teacher is another important factor in choosing dance classes. It is very important that their way of teaching is compatible with your character, with your way of learning. Keep in mind that the best teacher is not only the one who teaches the best technique, but also the one who supports this teaching with positive messages, patience, respect, illusion, etc.

The dance classes must be adapted to your level and skill or those you are encouraging. You can't expect to accelerate the learning process by integrating yourself into too advanced classes. Even if you have experience in other dances, to begin learning a new dance is essential to do it with the most basic level, the elementary steps and foundations of that dance.

Choose classes with few students. If there are more than 15-20 students in the class, the teacher's attention will certainly not be adequate. The most instructive and useful dance classes are usually those with 10 or fewer students.

Schedules are very important. There is no point in choosing a good academy, an excellent teacher, a style that motivates us... and then not being able to be present when the class starts.
Minimum facilities should also be checked, in terms of floor for dancing, air conditioning, changing rooms, showers, mirrors, sufficient space, etc.
Try something new, dance, make friends and have fun.
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