If you're thinking about learning to dance a new style or getting started in the world of dancing, you should know that you have a wide variety of dance classes available for all styles, tastes and budgets.

But let me ask you something...

Would you prefer to learn self-taught at home watching Youtube videos or would you rather attend dance classes with a teacher to learn how to dance?

Without a doubt, and in my opinion, the best option for you to enjoy, have a good time and learn more is to learn to dance with a teacher, teacher or dance teachers.

Dancing lessons with a teacher will bring you much more than you think. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits of dancing that you already know, learning to dance with a teacher will help you develop your own style by establishing a solid foundation, and thus you can combine the best technique learned with your most personalized style.

Advantages of learning to dance with a dance teacher

What are the advantages of starting your dance classes with a teacher?
Regularity in learning
Your training with a dance teacher will be much more regular, with a progressive evolutionary program.

You will learn effectively and without losing the rhythm. At the same time that you are going to advance is your learning, you will see results.

Your dance teacher will know your level and the rhythm you learn to dance.
And the rhythm that you have to follow, depending on when you are. Even if you go to class with other students, your teacher will adapt you to your rhythm and the advanced students will be able to serve as a reference. Little by little, you will get to know the way your teacher teaches, and he will know your limitations, so that you can make adequate progress.

You will be able to solve the doubts you will have
As your way of dancing evolves you will have many doubts about figures, steps, how to move, where to place your hands, the movement of your feet, the best posture to gain style, physical exercises to strengthen the muscles that allow you to dance better etc... You can ask your dance teacher.

It will correct errors you're not able to see.
In your dance classes with a teacher, he or she will correct those mistakes that I see in your way of dancing, so that your training is complete and appropriate. This issue, that of mistakes, it is important to deal with it in time, otherwise those mistakes can become vices when dancing. You'll come to think you're dancing well, and you won't.

You'll notice the difference between learning dance steps and learning to dance.
The difference between learning dance steps and learning to dance is remarkable. One thing is not the same as another. If you learn the dance steps on your own, you will only be able to imitate movements and choreographies. But in dance classes with a teacher, you will learn to let go, develop your own style, polishing imperfections.

You'll have more fun with the people in your dance class.
Another important advantage of attending dance classes with a teacher is socialization. Fun, sharing laughter and a few stumbles are just as important as learning itself. You'll meet many people with whom you can share the love of dancing and many other plans. Believe me.

You'll learn about many fun plans, events and parties
In addition to dance classes, schools and academies usually organize other events and activities, exhibitions, trips to dance halls on weekends, parties, weekends, etc. Of course, you can check all the events that are organized in go&dance...;)

ventajas de aprender a bailar con profesor de baile


What do you need to know before choosing the right dance teacher for you?
There are different dance schools and many dance teachers to choose from, but in the end you have to select one of them.

That's why it's important for you to know that the ideal teacher so that you learn to dance like the angels doesn't have to be the best dancer, but the one who has to know how to transmit his knowledge to your way of learning, be attentive, disciplined, have patience with other couples, be kind, easy to understand, and of course it helps that you dance very well and you can reflect in him, her or them.

Another simple trick that works very well is to do a trial dance class, a session with the teacher or dance teachers, and you'll see if you connect with their way of teaching. Even if you are not able to reproduce what he is saying, it is important that you have a good time, go with an open attitude and understand what he explains.

An important sign of the teacher's quality of dance classes is that he is able to explain to you why one of your "creative" moves is not right for you to include it in the dance. It is not a good sign if you simply reject it, without giving any answer.

Discuss your goals with your teacher, tell him or her what you would like to achieve, and how you can best achieve it. If you want to go much further in the dance, I'm sure he has a good network of contacts, and can advise you on some complementary teaching programs. There are even dance programs for people who want to become dance teachers.

If you are looking to specialize in a dance style, it is very important and logical for your teacher to master that dance style well, at an advanced level.

And of course, learning to dance not only depends on having a good teacher or dance teachers, but also on how much or how little you go dancing and practice those dance steps learned in class.

Overcome that fear that prevents you from enjoying this wonderful world to the fullest, join dance classes, choose the perfect dance course for you and go dancing. We are thousands of people who do it every day.

Conclusion: Learn to dance with a teacher or dance teachers
As you have seen, there are many advantages to choosing your dance classes with a teacher. Don't focus on dancing at home or with your friends only, or think that the explanatory videos can be the ideal complement.

So that your style is really good, you can learn more and better in the future and also to surprise everyone with your dancing, the best thing is that you learn with a good teacher.

With it you will reach the level you would like to have.

And now it's your turn... tell us in the blog comments which teacher or dance teachers you like best and why (what makes them so special for you).