If you are looking for exercise activities to lose weight or get fit and not get bored trying, we present the dance as a perfect aerobic exercise activity to maintain your fitness and have fun while you practice it.

Probably dancing is one of the physical activities that brings you more benefits and not only to your figure but also to your social relationships, your fun, and even the improvement of your brain capacity.

Seems incredible, doesn't it?

Through dancing we can tone up our bodies while having fun, enhance our coordination and flexibility of our members and also exercise.

If you've set out to lose weight and lose those extra pounds or you see weight loss as a tedious activity and a hard road ahead, we invite you to sign up for dance classes and incorporate a few healthy lifestyle habits.

manzana con cinta para adelgazar 

The perfect formula to lose weight and stay young, strong and above all healthy and healthy is...
Gradually acquire the healthy eating habits needed by your body and mind
Get some exercise every day. For example, dancing, dancing lessons or walking at least 1 hour a day.

Incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your life
Through healthy lifestyle habits, combined with dancing where you will do weight loss exercises without thinking about it while having a good time, you can enjoy a different lifestyle, achieving the happiness you are looking for and enhancing your physical and mental health.

People with the highest average years of life are those who have incorporated a healthy lifestyle into their lives.

But what concrete benefits will these healthy habits bring you?

Longer lasting youth and youthful appearance, a slender figure, a positive view of the world around you, a higher mental quotient, your intestine will be healthier and your skin cleaner and healthier, your hair will shine and shine brighter, allergies will not affect you as much, you will have a painless menstrual period if you are a woman, and above all you will have less risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as embolism, Alzheimer's disease, heart diseases.


What are these healthy lifestyle habits?
Eat what you need and no more. Fruit and vegetables, fish, dried fruits and virgin olive oil, as well as whole grains, are the best foods. Although the amount of calories you need to eat to make up for your energy expenditure will depend on your physical characteristics and your work and activity, it's important to eat, as experts say, until you feel full at 80%.

Eat foods of different colors in each meal and five to ten servings of vegetables and fruit per day. These foods should preferably be taken raw to preserve all their nutrients. If you're going to cook them, steam them.

Meat and dairy products give you saturated fats, harmful to your body. It is best to replace them with vegetable proteins, which contain seeds, pulses and nuts, as well as blue fish.

Vitamin C is essential for your body. You will find it in an optimal proportion in cabbage, broccoli, oranges and mandarins, strawberries, peppers, etc.

Water is the best system for detoxification and elimination of toxins. It takes a minimum of two liters of water a day.

The more organic and natural foods you eat and the less chemicals and industrial products, the better.

Mind your mind, have a positive way of thinking and avoid stress using very effective and healthy methods, such as laughter, meditation and affectionate relationships. Remember that phrase that said:"If your problem has a solution, why worry? If your problem has no solution, what to worry about.

Do daily aerobic exercise, weight loss and fitness exercises without thinking about it.
Dancing is the slimming and fitness exercise that can offer you the most benefits. Why is that? Because you will combine learning this dance style that you like, you will have fun, enjoy, meet people like you and with the same tastes, and go dancing several times a week, or at least on the weekend.

Also keep in mind that people who dance don't usually drink alcohol and alcohol is fattening.

Dancing is the best exercise to integrate into weight loss diets and weight loss plans, because it helps burn calories and strengthens our muscular system.

The mental benefits of dancing and improved emotional well-being will be the ideal complements to support your weight loss and weight loss plan.

Through this social, creative and fun activity, it will be much easier for you to maintain the discipline and motivation necessary to follow your plan of action.

Through this social, creative and fun activity, it will be much easier to maintain the discipline and motivation needed to follow your slimming plan.

It has been shown that half an hour of dancing helps burn between 200 and 400 calories, which is enough, combined with a balanced diet, to gradually lose calories.

Among weight loss exercises, dancing is the most beneficial.

 disfruta de una vida sana, feliz y divertida bailando y haciendo ejercicios para adelgazar.

Even more... Strengthening your muscular system
By dancing you will exercise many muscle groups simultaneously, which you won't get with other types of aerobic exercise. Repeating the dance moves as a regular slimming exercise will increase your muscle mass, and weight loss will be more effective. Your body and metabolism will burn more calories even in non-active moments.


enjoy a healthy, happy and fun life by dancing and weight loss exercises.

Now it's your turn...
Did you know the advantages of dancing to improve your physical fitness and posture? Do you already have those healthy lifestyle habits that will change your vision of reality around you?

Tell us about it in the comments of the post and if you liked what you read, share it with your friends. Thank you very much and dance!