Today we had the opportunity to meet Yunaisy Farray from Farray's Center.

A brilliant, attentive, passionate, tireless, fighter, who enjoys dancing, teaching and shining as an international artist, instructor and entrepreneur.

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Yunaisy Farray, Cuban Salsa and Dance Teacher at Farray's Center

Hi Yunaisy Farray, could you tell us who you are, where you come from and how you started dancing?

Hello, good to begin with, I'm Cuban with Italian nationality.

I come from a family of artists so I think my profession was already defined long before I knew it myself.

I always knew I wanted to be a dancer and at the age of 5 I started with my aunt, who coached the national gymnastics team, and my aunt Marisely, who was a ballet dancer and has always been a point of reference throughout my life.

In the end I started in the ballet of Cuban television and at the same time I attended some rhythmic training sessions.


We know that your training is incredible, but tell us more about your beginnings with dance, because you started dancing and some funny anecdote that you have lived...
I officially started at the Alejo Carpentier Ballet Academy, where I did my first years of preparation.

Then, dazzled by the splendour of Cuban contemporary dance, I decided to change my specialty and once again follow in the footsteps of my aunt Marisely who at the time was dancing in Danza Nacional de Cuba.

Ballet was like a prison for me until my first dance technique teacher made me understand, love and enjoy it also thanks to reading by Isadora Duncan, the precursor of contemporary dance.

Years later I completed my studies at the Escuela Nacional de Espectáculos Musicales y Circo where I completed my training as a singer, dancer and actress.

Funny episodes?

Well, the truth is that I don't remember any funny episodes, because for me, fun was to go to the roof of my house without being seen and put myself in a position like John Claude Van Damme on bricks and spend hours reading and watching at home how they went crazy looking for me.

My whole life has always been like this. I also loved running around dog's teeth on the boardwalk barefoot so that my feet would calluses. That's what amused me... hahaha.


We see that you have not stopped, travel and work all over the world, tell us a little more about your career as an international dancer and what you find when you offer your work around the world.
Well my trajectory has been truly incredible. I've done a lot of things, I've traveled as many people don't even dream. In fact, sometimes I don't even remember whether I was in a certain country or not...

I've made videos, musicals and even a movie. In addition, I have participated in countless festivals, and it still seems to me little. I always want more.

I can't get enough because what keeps me going is the public's reaction when they see my work. I receive words of thanksgiving, some tears from very grateful people and many emails from people from all over the world and that really fills me up and makes me happy.


Tell us a virtue and a defect you have
Well, one virtue I have is that I'm tireless, like a rock wall. The more I try, the more energy I get from myself.

My fatigue makes me stronger and I just can't stop.

One flaw, well I've got a lot of flaws. I am very passionate about my work and perfectionist with it and I demand the maximum from my students. And that's a little tricky sometimes.

Sometimes I get carried away by my passion and excitement and I can't stop a class until I see that everything is perfect. That's why my classes never end on time.

Profile photo by Yunaisy Farray


On a more personal level, could you tell us what it feels like when you dance and what are the benefits of dancing for you and the people who dance?
What do I feel when I dance? When I dance I feel immense, infinite and in complete contact with the universe.

I feel powerful, confident, beautiful and I feel as if my being can't do anything other than that, dance. That's pure dance.

But that sensation lasts a short time, and then I get the opposite feeling: that I'm not good enough, that I haven't done well, that there's more to come. More technique, more training, more, more and more.

I'm my worst critic, I have no pity for myself. The first feeling creates in my body an explosion of endorphins that makes everything is health and strength and the second one motivates me to go for more, to be tireless and that motivates me to perfect myself.


Apart from acting and giving workshops in congresses all over the world, you also have your own centre. What are you doing there? where is he? and what dance styles do you offer?
Farray's Center - a Dance Lifestyle


Farray's Center Dance School Logo

Our Center is a center specializing in the care of the body and mind through dance and other related physical activities, which will work on physical, psychological and social aspects, with the fundamental objective of improving the quality of life of people and include dance in their lifestyle.

We want to offer an excellent and complete service, where people feel at ease and can acquire excellent results developing several activities in one place. You can find us in the centre of Barcelona and Castelldefels.

For us, the aim is that Farray's Center should be like a second home, a unique experience, where the individual finds a spiritual, physical, social and psychological balance, interacting with each other and fostering human relations.

We carry out activities such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Rumba, Contemporary Dance and Cuban and Caribbean folkloric dances that will serve to promote the social playful aspect of people, creating an environment in harmony with their needs.

Throughout my experience as a professional dancer I have seen that the perfect balance for the body to perform better has to be associated with other complementary activities such as yoga, fitness, pilates to improve muscle performance but not only remains here, but the basis of health comes from nutrition.

Good nutrition improves physical and mental performance.

That is why Farray's Center unites these three worlds under one concept: Improve people's quality of life!

Parallel to this, specific training will also be carried out for all those who want to take the acquired knowledge to a professional level, giving the opportunity to all those people regardless of age or sex who have a special talent and want to develop it.

 Mi sueño es lograr que el baile entre en cada casa

I know that you have your own teaching and work methodology, tell us what this method is based on and for which dance styles it is applied.
My teaching methodology is based on improving the quality and performance of the person in the dance.

It is a methodology based on the fundamentals of dance and studies that I have received throughout my life. In addition to a personal contribution due to my professional experience.

I like to work with each person, exalt talent and correct mistakes in order to get the best out of each person.

Our principle is "that you be the best version of yourself."


We want to know more about your project with Farray's Center. What is your dream, what wellness project do you have behind you and to whom is Farray's Center directed?
Our centre is open to everyone.

Dance from the beginning of humanity has been a form of language communication, that is why, to bring this way of life to each person is important because it is a source of happiness, communication and health.

Our center is compatible with children, seniors, young people, adults, we simply want it to be the daily complement of each person.

It is also aimed at those people who want to enhance their talent, who want to train with the best quality, because we create strong and well-founded pillars.

Our dream? Let the dance enter every house!


Finally, and if you venture to say it, how do you think the future of the dance world will be at local, national and international level?
With a little awareness and union between the centers, schools and dance halls that spread salsa or the salsa world, Barcelona (where Farray's Center is located) could be a global meeting point for salsa.

It could be "City of Salsa".


And here's the interview with Yunaisy Farray of Farray's Center.

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