Many people approach the world of dancing to meet new people learning to dance, to release stress, to exercise and/or to enjoy new plans that arise and that you only find out when you enter this wonderful world.

If you're already part of this world, you know what I mean, right? (heje);;)

The thing is that if you want to meet new people because you are alone or lonely, or for whatever reason, because you are an introverted person, because a breakup of a couple or marriage has left you without someone to go out with, chat or enjoy the bars, you are looking for your better half, dancing and many other things can be an excellent solution for you.

For example, dance classes create WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, planned stays, excursions, field trips to dance congresses and weekends from the dance school itself, and of course to dance and all that, are opportunities to meet people, connect with them and, who knows, forge healthy and lasting relationships.

Plus one of the advantages of this dance world over others is that it's economical and a great plan to have fun for life.

how to meet new people like you

cómo conocer gente nueva parecida a ti 

Dancing is the best way to socialize.
Dancing is a great way to meet people of the same sex and also of the opposite sex.

Many of these people will surely be in the same situation as you, they have gone to dance classes and dance on weekends to meet people, move the skeleton or just to have fun.

But the dance is a great excuse to date them.

Can I go alone or alone to dance?
Of course!

When you go out dancing you can do it alone or alone, you don't need a partner. In many places you will dance with other boys and girls, even if you don't know them. You can also go in a group and have fun.

Of course, once on the dance floor you'll have to dare to take someone out dancing.

There is also the option, of course, that you don't want to meet anyone, but simply dance at the dance school, and not go to later meetings. You choose.

On the other hand, if you dare to go to dance congresses, you will do many workshops where you will often change partners, enjoy a party every night and you will have many opportunities to have fun and meet new people with similar tastes to yours.

What do you think?


Dancing is ideal to break the monotony

If you see your life in a monotonous way, dancing can enlighten your life, fill it with light and joy, as well as bring you many emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits in general. Dancing is mostly fun.

If you stop to observe a person as they dance, chances are you'll see them smile. The smile is inherent to the dance, and is derived from the enjoyment it produces.

There are no bars in terms of age to attend dance classes and go dancing on weekends. No matter how old you are, don't hesitate and open yourself up to the world of dancing. At any age you can dance and enjoy the health benefits of dancing.

For example, my parents, who are super hooked on salsa and bachata, usually go dancing in Barcelona on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays... imagine what breaks the monotony of being able to dance every day.

Dance Benefits for Teenagers

If you are a teenage boy or girl, you need to know that learning dance moves reinforces your cultural level. Among other things because you are identifying yourself with a dance that was surely born in the street, and did so in response to an environment of hostility and violence, created by people who felt marginalized in their lives.

Adolescence is usually the age when young people begin to go to nightclubs and dance halls. At this point, dance is constituted as a socializing agent of high potential.

In dance halls the effects of dancing have a component that disinhibits people and an important social function. Dancing and meeting people are joined and combined actions.


Dancing will help you overcome shyness

You don't have to be a specialist. You think everybody's gonna look at you? People are gonna laugh because you're doing it so bad?

No one goes to a dance academy to laugh at how others do it, let alone if they are already veteran students, who have seen the beginnings of many people like you, and that they too had their own clumsiness at first.

(See: 10 reasons to sign up for salsa classes)

In dance halls people tend to notice who dances very well, that's what really catches the eye. The one who does it like a real professional.

If that's not your case, if you're learning and your moves are still not very successful... you can be calm or quiet, because no one will notice how you do it. There are those who can look at your smile, your gaze, your joy and your attitude... and that can open up many expectations, in terms of friendship, dating, etc...

In fact my recommendation as a person who has danced for more than 6 years is...

Smile all the time, no matter what.

Dancing is an excellent method for overcoming loneliness and shyness, as well as establishing new relationships. You will surely improve your interpersonal relationships, it will be a real meeting point to make new friendships, and to improve your social skills.

How to overcome shyness by dancing


In the dance you will meet people with great personal wealth and cultural diversity.
Dancing will allow you to meet new people in different places, with cultures very different from yours. Can you imagine meeting people who come from another country, who don't speak your language, and being able to dance with them?

Even if you don't know their language it's not an obstacle to share the same taste for music and dance, and move to the rhythm of a song with them. It will open your mind.

By dancing you meet people from different cultures

Al bailar conoces personas con de diferentes culturas 

In short...
If you want to meet new people with similar tastes to yours, join dance classes and go dancing. You won't regret it!

What do you do to meet new people?
Do you dare to meet new people? Want to enjoy everything that dancing can offer you?

If you feel like we ask you to share this article if you've met someone in the dance world, many people are eager to hear about your experience, and it can encourage them to get out of their monotony.

But there are more ways to meet new people, and that's why we want you to tell us in the commentaries what you do to meet new people like yourself.