Have you ever been in a ballroom, you are watching people dancing, you see a girl while she is dancing and you say to yourself ... "The next song I will ask to dance with her for sure." The next song arrives and there is something inside of you that do not let you move, you get stucked and scared and you do not say anything to her.

In that moment you feel frustrated with yourself and start telling excuses such as: the next song I will go, this song is too fast so it is better to dance the next one, I think he knows more than I do ... How many excuses you can get put?

But the excuses are over. We will show a strategy to use always when you want to get a girl to dance.

To start is important to remember that the most important thing is to be aware that you and she have gone dancing for fun so there is no real reason for that you can not dance together. But if you still have any questions, follow these steps and you will see how you begin to dance with whomever you want, whenever you want.

1. Look at her as what she is: a girl who wants to dance and have fun. Do not idealize her!

It may seem silly, but to dare to dance with a girl you need to avoid idealize her, you only have to look at her like what it is: a girl who has decided to go dancing at the same place than you with a few friends, with the couple, alone or with anyone. That does not matter! She has come to dance and that is what you are going to propose her. Although she dances very well or she is very attractive, you either you should not care. Remember, you just want to dance!

2. Approach to her safely

It is about to finish the song and you are ready to dance with her. It is very simple, walk over to her safely. Do not hesitate. Another guy may be anticipated you but it does not matter. But go directly and decided.

3. Always smile naturally

This already serves not only to get someone to dance. Smiling is the key to life and helps to connect with people. Smile!

4. Speak with confidence

You are close to her and you only have to say: Do you want to dance? It would be nice if you accompany the question showing your palm, like inviting her to accompany you to the dance floor.

If you do so it is very difficult she refuses you. But if she refuses you it can be for any reason (though we'll talk about this later). It may be because of the heat, because she is tired or because she may not want to dance anymore, but do not be discouraged because there are more girls in the room.

5. Dance with her

Congratulations! You have got it. Now enjoy and do what you know, try new steps and still smiling. When the song ends, thank her and say goodbye.

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