Are you at a point where you think you need a radical change in your life? Do you consider yourself a life-loving person, but sometimes you lack the energy to do new things? Are you constantly looking for an activity that allows you to improve your lifestyle and meet new people?

I felt that way too and I'm going to tell you how learning salsa has changed my life in an incredibly positive way.

Now I live my life intensely, I meet many new and interesting people almost every day and I enjoy all the experiences that life gives me thanks to having signed up for salsa classes a while ago.

Are you ready to know the whole story?

What is dance to me and how has it helped me in my new lifestyle?

My name is Estefanía Mantas and first of all, I would like to share the general definition of the word itself. Dance is defined as a chain of movements that are carried out according to the style of music.

However, from my personal point of view, I say that dance is much more than just physical activity and music.

For me, dancing is a great form of healthy lifestyle, as it brings many benefits, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Have you had any experience with dancing? Tell me about it in the comments of the post. (I will be happy to answer that).

Within the dance, there are many styles classified according to the music. And I, in particular, started with salsa. And let me emphasize the word I began, since today, there are several styles that I can get to dance, feel and enjoy.

I'm sure that if you sign up for salsa classes and get hooked you will live a change in your life for the better.


Yo bailando salsa en el Manisero de la Salsa en Sabadell, Barcelona

Here I am dancing and enjoying.... photography speaks for itself :) - Photo taken by El Manisero de la Salsa.



What was my life like before I started salsa dancing?

I have always been aware that physical activity was necessary for the body and for physical and mental well-being.

That's why I've always tried to stay active and play sports. Go running, play tennis, crossfit classes, zumba classes, and even go to a gym.

In fact, there are many sports and physical activities that I have tried in my life but in the end I have always ended up giving up.

Do you know why I gave up everything I started?

I realized that if I wasn't really passionate about an activity, it would get me bored and I would lose all motivation at the beginning, which would cause me to give up after a few weeks of trying. You know what I'm talking about, right?

But everything changed from the day I decided to learn to dance and go to a salsa class.

From that moment on salsa changed my life and became more than a hobby, a sport or a dance. Salsa became my passion and part of my new healthy lifestyle.

I used to party to have fun and enjoy myself, but some parties bored me if there was no alcohol involved, is that the same for you?

In fact, in my past I always had to drink alcohol to have a good time, the parties didn't taste the same without it. Besides, people didn't dance either if they didn't go with what we call "the dot."

But everything changed the day I went to a salsoteca (a dance hall where they play salsa music and people dance). Alcohol was unnecessary there, my body only asked for water and dancing was not a problem. All the people there went out with the same goal: to enjoy, socialize and dance!

The story of how I decided to start salsa dancing

The truth is, I have always had an inexplicable desire with the world of Latin dance, and this has been going on since my childhood.

According to my mother, when we went on vacation and they asked for volunteers to dance in pairs, I always went out on stage and danced. Looks like he was already sowing the seed there.

My senior year of college I went to Scotland on Erasmus. There, the Universities have groups formed by the students themselves from different fields: sports, board games, writing, photography, and among others was the University's Dance Group.

They did a welcome fair for the new students, and all the groups had a booth, and just upon arrival they did a dancing show.

Directly, I went to the dance group's booth, asked for information, and I didn't hesitate for a second, that same week I went to try the salsa classes.

It was like a dream come true. You paid a quarterly fee and every day you could take the dance classes you liked best.

I first started salsa classes two days a week. And I ended up taking classes every day and trying new styles, as well as bachata, tango or merengue.



yo bailando salsa en la Tasca estando de erasmus en Escocia


¿Cómo me sentía cuando empecé a aprender a bailar y a descubrir el mundo del baile?

La verdad es que era como una explosión de energía, vitalidad y felicidad a diario. Cada día vivía experiencias nuevas, conocía personas nuevas, probaba cosas nuevas… sencillamente increíble.

¿Alguna vez te ha pasado que te pasas el día entero deseando que llegue un momento o un día o una experiencia futura?

¡Eso es exactamente lo que sentía cada día!

Me pasaba los días esperando a que llegara el momento de ir a tomar las clases de salsa en la universidad, y luego poder practicar lo que aprendía en los sociales (fiestas donde vas a bailar salsa).

bailando salsa en pareja para principiantes en la tasca aberdeen

Me dancing when I was on Erasmus in Scotland at one of the salsa parties at the Tasca Aberdeen - Photos taken by La Tasca Aberdeen


Going to dance classes was something I couldn't stop doing. It was my moment.

First of all, because it kept me physically active and comforted me. But I had also discovered my passion.

These dance classes allowed me to disconnect my mind, feel good about myself, and connect with other people who also shared my passion.

Best of all, over time and with practice, the benefits of dancing tripled.

The more I learned, the better I felt every time I went out dancing and the more I enjoyed dancing with guys I knew and also dancing with guys I didn't know.

Did you know that more than 85% of people who start dancing salsa do it to meet people?  

And yes, salsa dancing is also a social activity that allows you to meet new people in a super easy way. Starting from a common hobby, salsa dancing will always be a meeting point to open up to new people.


practicando acrobacias de salsa en la escuela de baile

Me practicing acrobatics at my salsa academy.


[In summary] 10 radical changes in my lifestyle before and after learning salsa

Below I summarize in a table the 10 most important changes I have experienced in my life since I decided to join salsa classes.

Before you learn to dance salsa Salsa as part of my lifestyle

In the past, I wasn't constant doing exercise, sports or any other activity because there was no passion or motivation to continue.

Now dancing is my best sport, and I work on my flexibility and strength to improve my dance steps and style.

 Before, in order to go out and party, I needed to go with a group or someone, I wasn't going to dance alone, was I?

Now I can go out dancing alone (if I want to) to a salsoteca because I know there will always be a dancer on the floor who wants to share a dance.

I used to need to drink alcohol to have a good time after a party. You weren't going to see me in a bar, or at a party without a beer or cube in hand.

Now I don't need to drink alcohol to have fun when I go salsa dancing. The body only asks for water.

Before, I used to lock myself up in moments of sadness and downturn.

Dancing is now my best medicine on an emotional level.

Before, the people around me did not share my hobbies and sometimes it was difficult to find meeting points.

Now I feel that all of us who dance share something very special. A hobby and a passion for dancing.

Before if I wanted to flirt I never knew how to do it, nor where to meet interesting people with similar tastes to mine.

Now it's very easy to meet new people and flirt (if you want to be clear). Think if you want to dance with a thousand boys or girls on the floor!

I used to be afraid to socialize. I was afraid to go to an unknown place, as meeting new people could be difficult and embarrassing.

Now dance is a door that allows you to meet people and connect with many people easily.

Choosing a place to go out and dance could be complicated.    

Now choosing a party venue is not a problem when you already know what kind of party you want.

There were activities that I liked, but I hadn't yet discovered what my passion was.    

Now I know that dancing is one of my greatest passions.

I used to have an incomplete concept of happiness. Now I feel that my happiness has tripled in my life since I've been dancing salsa.


Me dancing salsa in Nice (you can dance salsa anywhere) - Photo taken by Reguís Bertola.


Now you know my story about how salsa dancing has changed my life. I wanted to share my experience to help you make the decision to start salsa dancing and sign up for classes at a dance school in your city. Salsa is living, sharing, passion and happiness!

As you can see they are all benefits to your new lifestyle.

Are you still wondering if you should learn to salsa dance? Don't take any longer! Go to your nearest dance school and dance!

PS: If you have had a similar experience that has changed your life, please write it in the comments, I will be happy to answer you. ðŸ˜‰