If you have ever thought about taking a trip to Cuba to discover its culture, enjoy the wonderful environment and also to enjoy dancing salsa directly in the streets of Cuba today we show you the experience and the story of one of the salsa travelers of the trip to Cuba organized by our friends from the travel agency TravelToDance.

Here begins the trip to Cuba

Some of us met at Madrid airport to leave together for Havana, and others we met in Cuba because they were flying from other airports. The group was not very large, about 14 people, they told us that their groups are maximum 20 because the idea is to enjoy the trip at our pace. And boy, do we enjoy it!

La Habana…

We arrived on a Saturday and that afternoon with the jetlag, rather we used it to rest at the house of the Cuban family in which we were going to stay during our days in Havana.

On Sunday, just after enjoying an authentic Cuban breakfast, with egg, coffee and lots of delicious fruit, we went to the Alley of Hammel.

There we saw how the people of Havana have rhythm and salsa in their blood.

At that moment, the salsa already entered our bodies and there was no one to take away the rhythm or the desire to dance throughout the trip.

But there was still more to come....

In the afternoon it was time to enjoy the classes of Cuban teachers. Although the whole group was not on the same level, with four instructions they divided us in such a way that we all enjoyed ourselves, danced and learned something new. Spectacular!

And at night?

In the evenings, there was always an option where you could go dancing in Havana, no matter what the day of the week, if you're in Cuba you can dance salsa non-stop in Havana.

The next few days we did a lot more fun and interesting things. The group was already friends and together we taught more classes, discovered Old Havana, went to the beach and had a Cuban party in style with the dance teachers where of course there was no shortage of good food, rum and live music.

Really, it was a real surprise when our new Cuban friends cooked us typical local food. That day, it couldn't have been better!


Our journey continued to Viñales, an area known for its tobacco plantations and nature. But unlike Havana, the days in Viñales were very different.

First we discovered the tobacco plantations, the next day we went swimming in crystal clear waters to a cay and the last day we made a route through the town of Viñales.

In addition, the more adventurous of us all went on a horseback ride through the valley, simply amazing!

That same night, with a totally different atmosphere than at the beginning of the trip in Havana and to everyone's surprise, we had a salsa and Afro class that continued with another perfect night of dancing in Cuba.


Our trip continued to Trinidad, but first we stopped in Cienfuegos, a city well known for its colonial buildings. Walking down those streets was like taking a trip into the past.

Seen in retrospect Trinidad was a real discovery. These TravelToDance girls really know how to show us the country!

Trinidad is a very nice town, with cobbled streets, low, colorful houses, with a lot of atmosphere both day and night. There is live music on their steps every night, and in the bars as well.

They offered us the possibility of discovering the Valley of the Sugar Mills by horseback riding or trekking. This time we chose to walk and we were able to reach a spectacular waterfall where we took a refreshing bath.

We rested, laughed and before we had dinner and enjoyed our first night in Trinidad, we had another fun class of salsa and rumba that already left us encouraged to continue the night with rum, mojitos and of course, lots of dancing!

The next morning, we continued to enjoy these breakfasts of the Cuban families, with tropical fruit, and luckily, because the rumba class was sugar cane.

Then we went to Playa Ancon, with white sand and calm, crystal clear waters, where we enjoyed a relaxing day, before returning to the rhythm of the night of Trinidad.

And when it seemed like this couldn't get any better, we started on our way to our next stop, Cayo Maria.

Before arriving at the cayo, we made a stop in Santa Clara, where we could not only visit Che's mausoleum, but also learn first-hand the history of the Cuban revolution while visiting the museum.

The journey was advancing and there was very little left, but there was still paradise to come.

3 days of relaxation in paradise..

The last 3 days of relaxation were waiting for us and this time, unlike the rest of the trip, it would be in a hotel.

There are no Cuban family homes in the keys, but three days of all-inclusive Caribbean resorts are also appreciated. ūüėä

These days, as the group already knew each other, we enjoyed endless talks as we drank mojitos on the beach, beautiful snorkeling and long nights of dancing at the hotel.

We also took the opportunity to recharge our batteries, because the trip was intense and very complete.

We had dancing every day, excursions that allowed us to get to know Cuba, its culture and people, rumba, Afro and salsa classes, and we discovered places where Cubans don't stop asking you to dance.

Last night in Havana....

But we were just missing the end of the party. Since everything in Cuba can be surprising and it is a country that goes at its own pace, we return to Havana the day before the flight, and thus celebrate our last night in Havana.

We took advantage and compared a few bottles of rum and went to the boardwalk to watch the sunset. The Malecón is full of people at that time, tourists, Cubans with dancing music, and very good atmosphere in general.

Afterwards, the whole group went to dinner together, laughing and laughing, remembering anecdotes from the trip. And we danced until Havana sent us to sleep, that night we went out as if the night was never going to end. We came home hungry and stopped in Oviedo to eat one of their burgers, so good and so good on price, and how good it felt before going to bed!

With the travel companions and new friends we already commented that the experience has to be repeated, and the girls from TravelToDance have already told us that we can all go to the Dominican Republic to practice bachata...and the idea, we really liked it!

I'm sure that after reading my adventure you'll feel like taking the trip, here are some tips for when you go on a trip to Cuba.

Have you ever been on a trip to Cuba?

Tell us in the comments an anecdote that you will never forget, we will love to hear it.