I'm sure many of you are wondering how artists start their professional artistic careers and how they do it to succeed on the stage both locally and internationally.

The go&dance team had the great opportunity to interview Olgeriz Montelier, creator and founder of Los Jefes Cuba. The singer-songwriter shares his own story with us and tells us first-hand what his entire career as a professional artist has been like so far.

Here and anywhere in the world, beginnings always start from scratch, but with a lot of effort, perseverance and passion, we can all make it to the big screen.

The cameras always show us the best of artists, but behind them, there are people, who fight, struggle, and work very hard to achieve their dreams.

With a lot of passion and dedication, this fabulous Latin fusion singer details his entire history and at the same time transmits all his motivation and passion for the musical art.

At the age of 14 she began her professional career as a singer, which she continues to build to this day. Don't miss the opportunity to meet this fabulous artist and everything about his band Los Jefes Cuba. Be inspired by its


Olgeriz Montelier en la entrevista de go&dance

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#1. Tell me, who is Olgeriz Montelier and how did your story begin with music?

I am a singer-songwriter, composer and producer. In 2011 I founded Los Jefes Cuba and to this day we continue to produce and create music with great dedication and passion.

I was born in Trinidad de Cuba and have been living in Zurich for two and a half years now. My desire to develop my professional career as an artist and to reach Europe led me to make a radical decision and start a new path in Switzerland. A challenge that I knew would lead me in the long run to achieve my dream as a singer.

Living in Zurich is quite an experience, there are times when I feel a little uncomfortable with the subject of language and I feel that everything is a little cold, but there is a lot of crushing, as we say in Cuba.

los jefes de cuba en entrevista de go&dance


#2. How did you start your professional career as a musician?

Everyone told me I had the ability to sing very well. Everything I have learned so far is from the street, I don't come from school, everything is with the desire and the effort of wanting to learn things.

I am passionate about music and have been learning for many years. With effort and a lot of desire I have become who I am today, moving forward, little by little.

My mother was my biggest fan and my source of inspiration and support throughout my journey. And it was from there that I started to take music seriously and decided to start my professional music career. In 2011 I formed the group of Los Jefes Cuba, and little by little I have been working in all this professional trajectory.


#3. Can you tell us about some of your projects?

Currently, we have signed a contract with a very famous Swiss company that works with different well-known artists, as well as Bliq.

We're creating a new track called Vivo mi vida, and we're also working on their cartoon-based video clip, nothing like the typical video clip we're used to. In addition, this theme tells the story of a cartoon that wants to live its own life. It's a crazy story that will be a success.


#4. What is your daily life like in Switzerland?

My life is 24 hours of music. I get up and there is music, I live without rest and without holidays, but this is what I love most. My dream is to keep fighting for my singing career.

I work as a producer, and in my spare time I continue to dedicate myself to music or touring in concerts.

At present, most of the concerts are in Germany, although we are awaiting different projects in other places. We usually have concerts every weekend.


#5. How do you feel when you see yourself on the big screen?

Seeing me on the big screen is incredible, but even more incredible is meeting a person who has listened to my songs.


los jefes de cuba cantando en la calle

los jefes de cuba antes de un concierto

Pictures from the official website of the band

#6. What do you like to do most in your spare time?

Although I have little free time, I always try to spend it with my family and friends. However, it is very difficult for me to maintain communication and be connected to my family, especially because of the time difference and the separation of countries.

In many cases my schedules do not coordinate with my loved ones. But no matter how small, I always try to spend time with my family and friends.


#7. Can you share with us a virtue and a defect of yours?

My virtue is my talent as a singer.

My biggest flaw is that I always want to do everything 100%. But the good thing about wanting to do everything is that it always allows me to achieve my goals and go even further, although sometimes it's hard, but it can also be very positive.


#8. What would you recommend a singer to succeed in the world of music?

The number one factor in this race is discipline. It's a world of scruples and along the way you can meet many con artists and people who don't make music because they really feel it. There are people who believe that money already makes you a singer, and that's not true.

Everything that is done with passion, with heart and with a lot of discipline will work. The key is to do it without thinking about what you're going to win, but because it's really the goal that keeps you alive and motivated.


#9. Where can we find all your work?

You can find us on our website (www.losjefescuba.com) and on the social networks: LosJefesCuba on Instagram, on Facebook, on our Youtube channel and on all the social networks you can imagine.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to be up to date with all our topics! Bosses Cuba for everything!

los jefes de cuba en concierto

#10. What are your favorite songs from Los Jefes Cuba?

It's hard to choose 3 songs because I like them all. However, my favorite topic is the one we are creating at the moment but which is not yet public. I therefore highlight these three themes:

Los Jefes Cuba - Yo te prometo


Los Jefes Cuba - El deseo


Los Jefes Cuba - Bailame

We thank Montellier for taking the time to answer these questions. He has shown us that he is a singer who lives totally dedicated to music and his professional career, but also very dedicated and dedicated to his loved ones and to life.

Very inspiring and very true in his words, Montelier has shared his great history as a musical artist and has transmitted much inspiration, motivation and passion to us.

Thank you very much for your collaboration with go&dance.


Interview by Estefania Mantas, Content Manager of go&dance

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