When you dance salsa with a girl there is a time that someone tells you what are his keys to be able to give one, two or three perfect spins, seemingly effortless and stylish.

In fact, these tips are often small details that if you consider and apply to the dancing, the movements become more fluid, easier, with less effort and thus are infinitely better.

After years dancing and attending to salsa classes in different dance schools I can tell you the four things that have helped me to make the turns to the girls much easier while I dance salsa.

1. Prepare the turn with time

It seems obvious but to make any turn you have to prepare it, you should anticipate the movement in order to help her to interpret what you will do.

So clearly you should anticipate the movement and prepare the rotation with time enough for her to understand you with time.

2. Leave the hand that turns her near her head

This advice is perhaps the most important once you have prepared the draft and the girl knows what it is coming.

When you start to dance you have a tendency to lift the girl's arm to rotate better, but you should do exactly the opposite. You must make small movements and leave the hand with which the guide fence and a little ahead of his head. Avoid putting your hand just above her head.

3. The fingers always down

Did you past that you try to turn the girl and squeeze her hand or press you and to give you twisted around hand resulting in a very strange motion with your hand and fingers? Then avoid that.

Simply point the fingers of the hand that turns her down and make circular movements and the motion of the hand has to be small and simple like the hub of a wheel. At the same time it should take with tension but without strength and leaving a space for rotating like a bearing.

4. Do not make large circles

Finally get the perfect rotation is not a question of strength, it is a matter of technique. If you make small, smooth, fingers down with tension but without force and avoid making large circles above her head. You will get a much smoother rotation and eventually you will make a turn smoothly.

In fact you only have to show what you are doing and let her be the turning. You, only aid will give safety and accompany.

In any case the most important thing and what I always say is that practice is the key of dancing. Dancing is like more salt and learns to dance, practice new steps gently and enjoy.

Comment: This is a post specially aimed at boys but not limited to them. However soon the key for a perfect turn will be discussed here and that post will be especially targeted for girls.

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