The other day a friend showed me a video of David Bisbal dancing salsa in a program. I was amused and I thought, surely there are more famous than they do so it can be fun and do you know what was my surprise?

There is a lot of famous people dancing salsa! Some of them are catch with the camera either at specific moments or in programs such as Mira quien Baila or Dancing with the Stars.

Even if I think it does not seem strange since the benefits of dancing are many and dancing salsa is known worldwide. But that does not mean it is funny how they dance in some cases.

And the fact that they are famous not mean that does not cost them learn to dance salsa and the rest of people, unlike all with effort and dedication can do and of course enjoy doing.

So then hang some videos of famous Spanish salsa dancing and surely know.

Some of them have not attended any school dance but will surprise you!

David Bisbal learning to dance salsa

To Andreu Buenafuente nobody wins at shaking his shoulders

As of 3:29 minutes good beginning.

Amazing performance of Terelu Campos

Of course everything is easier with Adrian Rodriguez.

From go&dance we wish that more people enjoy the dance worldwide and so we hope you keep dancing salsa.

Soon you will see some famous dancing bachata and other dances.