If you have set out to dance salsa as a "professional" in a fluid and simple way, you should start by acquiring some basic skills in your first salsa classes in your school.

I'm sorry, but you won't be a pro overnight after your first session. Since it is absolutely necessary to develop the learning in time by attending salsa classes and practicing a lot.

But don't worry, the road will be fun.

In fact, during your beginnings in dancing (and not so early) I'm sure you will experience some comic situation in which laughter is inevitable.

I'm sure you'll experience some of these 6 fun situations in the early days of your salsa classes and we'll tell you about them later today.

1. You'll be wrong about the rhythms and timing of salsa lessons.

The rhythm of the music, with its 4/4 beat is essential to learn it as soon as possible. The different combinations of steps and movements are carried out in two-beat sequences, i. e. 8 beats. In the first levels, it is essential to follow the rhythm in order to be able, among other things, to dance in sync with the couple that accompanies you.

The first days of salsa dancing in pairs are moments of a few steps, laughter, lack of synchronization and lack of coordination. But little by little your partner and you will manage to make the figures at the same time.

It is important that you try to pay attention to how your dance teacher counts the steps, and repeat them in your mind as you feel the music, steps and pauses.

The leader of the couple in the sauce communicates with his companion with the body, when it comes to indicating changes in steps of direction and movements. Those who receive these instructions must react. That's not easy in the first few classes. But with a lot of practice you get it.

Cheer up!

2. You will see that there are different levels in class

Another type of funny situations that usually occur in the early days of dance classes is when one of the couples has more experience in salsa dancing than the other or there is one of the two who catches it before the other.

It is not necessary to feel self-conscious or inhibited if the couple has more experience, on the contrary, we will use this opportunity to consult our partner the different difficulties of the figure to execute.

In fact there is the grace of salsa, understanding with the other person and adapting to their level is what makes this dance so fun and beautiful.

3. You'll dance on your own.

Dancing out of time can bring a fun touch, especially in the early salsa classes. However, this will result in a disconnect with our partner.

Try to get it back with your best smile and that's it. It's happened to everyone who starts dancing.

And remember, watch out for the stomping! (hah)

4. You won't keep the center of balance

If we rotate everywhere without keeping a center of balance in one place, what we can call "maintaining balance", this will be one of the reasons why dancing is not coordinated.

For the salsa dance to be showy and well performed, it is necessary to keep your feet firmly and dynamically on the floor.

When we make laps and turns without a lot of control we would be prone to hitting everything around us.

You have to be careful with twists and turns. Well executed they look wonderful but we have to think about the other people around us so that we don't all end up on the floor. Wouldn't be the first time.

Here you can see the tricks to make a perfect twist on the sauce.

5. There will be different tension with hand support

At the beginning of the salsa classes the two members of the couple can understand the holding of the hands with greater or lesser strength.

One can squeeze more (usually the man), and the woman complains about the intensity of the restraint. Or, turn the girl around and tighten it so tightly that it twists the boy's fingers.

Or it can also happen that the hands are not held with sufficient force, and then the dance is not performed in a proper and imprecise way.

6. You'll push or you'll be pushed or pushed unintentionally.

Another type of funny situation occurs when the man literally pushes the woman to indicate certain figures of salsa and they don't understand each other.

In fact, there are some cases in which the girls of the dance class are "flying around" all over the floor, and the boy, when he turns around, does not find his dance partner, among other things because he has moved it several meters beyond.

Conclusion: In the first salsa classes you have to go with desire to learn, meet people and above all, have fun.

As soon as we join the dance classes, we look for several objectives: to exercise, learn to dance, interact with other people, etc. But one of the main goals must and should be fun.