Encontrar dónde bailar salsa con go&dance

Would you like to combine your holiday, whatever your destination, with a good social dancing session?

The holidays arrive and we plan our trips. If we love salsa dancing and don't want to spend our entire holiday season without enjoying what we like best, in addition to exercising and remembering the latest figures we've learned in our dance academy, or we just can't conceive of a good holiday without dancing, we have to find the right place to dance salsa in our vacation destination.

Wherever you go, I'm sure that not too far away you will find a place to dance, either alone or in a couple.

But first you must consider these 3 logical aspects to choose the best salsa dance venue for you.

Go out dancing salsa to a place near where you are now.

Obviously, vacation time should be taken advantage of. There are probably a lot of things you plan to do, what to visit, beaches, mountains, hiking, water sports, etc. For all this, the logical thing is that you value the proximity of your place of residence during the holidays to the place or place you choose to go dancing salsa wherever you are.

Remember that you can search for salsa dance venues closest to where you are by clicking on the "detect my location" button in the go&dance bars and nightclubs section.

Salsa dancing in a place that is open on these dates

The same goes for timetables. It may be that the choice for proximity is a very good one, if the timetables do not adapt to what you are looking for, for whatever reason. If this is the case, you can also choose a dance venue that is not so close, but which you can access more comfortably or at the time of day you prefer.

Tip: Consult the schedules, posters and the parties of each dance hall at go&dance.

Knowing which is the place that puts the music you like the most

Another decision you have to make is to select the place according to the dance styles that are usually danced and the place where the DJ puts the music that best suits your tastes.

It's not an easy task because in most cases when you're on the road what matters is to find at least one place that's open and where you can go salsa dancing.

If they put on music you love then it'll be a perfect night.

But imagine that thanks to the opinions of other people you could know if you like the DJ that plays that night, what is the place to dance or many other aspects that interest us before selecting the place to practice our salsa figures.

So, what options do I have to find out where to dance salsa where I am today?

As with other search parameters, everything is on the Internet. The search for the best place or place to dance in our next vacation destination can be found in the nets. Whether in the most used search engine, Google, Facebook groups, specialized forums, twitter, and in some pages and specialized search engines such as go&dance....

1. Write on Google:"where to dance salsa today at xxx"

If you type those letters in the Google search engine you will see a list of blogs, dance school pages, businesses that pay advertising and a lot of information that you will have to process to find and decide which is the best place for you.

In fact, that is how we have all done it.

2. Use the Facebook search engine:"salsa en xxx".

Depending on where you are, you will see pages about schools, businesses and groups and then you have to, but in many cases it doesn't mean that this is the place for you.

3. Ask your friends or your dance teachers

It is an ideal way because they will tell you their best experience wherever you are or where you want to go, the only problem is if they don't know any place in the area.

But it's worth asking. Don't cut yourself.

4. Enter go&dance and know where to go with just one click

If you go to the go&dance homepage and click on the search button, you'll see a list of parties and open places where you can go salsa dancing today in seconds.

You can read the opinions of people who have gone dancing in those places or check out the artists and dance styles of that party.

Finally, once you visit the room or venue, it is important that you leave your opinion to go&dance. Just as they have been a great help to you, so can they be to someone else.

Tu próximo viaje de baile

Enjoy the holidays by living your passion for dancing wherever you are with go&dance.