If you want to sign up for salsa classes, I imagine you should already know that the benefits of dancing are extensive. For example, if we ask you for one right now, you won't be long before we answer, will you?

The fact is that dance has been present in all cultures and at all times. Since it is a great way to establish links of social cohesion, communication and many other things besides being a recreational, social, fun and sports activity.

If we talk about dance styles, we will get a wide range and in it we will find the salsa... Oh! Just to name her goes to our feet.

Doesn't it occur to you that as soon as you hear that Cuban rhythm unconsciously, your hips move by themselves?

Well, now, let's give you ten reasons to sign up for salsa lessons. We are convinced that after reading these ten arguments, you won't need any more to launch yourself. Still, we leave the door open for you to look for another ten: we have no doubt that you will find more than a hundred reasons to start moving your body to the beat of the Cuban son!

First, let's see why dancing is healthy and then you'll find the advantages of joining salsa classes.

10 reasons to take salsa lessons

#1. "Hey, how's it going, my rhythm, good to enjoy..."
Did you know that dancing is a natural medicine? All doctors recommend sports at least three times a week.

Dancing is a fun way to get in shape!

Not only does it provide well-being for our heart, circulation and lungs, but it also helps control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Come on, cheers 100%!

#2. "I've got salt and pepper..."
Endorphins have been talked about a lot lately. But what are they? Endorphins are proteins that are derived from a natural substance produced at the base of the brain. When we perform an activity that is pleasant to us, such as salsa dancing, we release endorphins. By releasing that magical substance, it naturally changes our mood, simply because we feel good!

And if we add to that the fact that with physical activity our body produces adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, as a result we get a natural cocktail that helps us feel happy.

Hence the importance of pleasurable activities: by doing them, our endorphin levels increase.

In other words, try salsa dancing and you'll feel you add salt and pepper to your mood.

#3. "That the world wants to dance, salsa for dancing, salsa for singing, salsa for laughing..."
Salsa, like any dance, is a social activity: through this hobby you can meet and get to know many people.

Not only in your salsa classes, but you'll soon start dancing salsa, searching for "Salsotecas" and attending related dance events.

In go&dance you can consult many activities and events where you can dance salsa near where you live, do you want to see them?

#4. "Now who..."
Connected with the two previous points we find the chemical process of love that is produced in the brain and with endorphins as arrows of Cupid.

If you are looking for your better half, we don't rule out salsa classes as a good place to start.

If romantic poets were to raise their heads, they would discover with astonishment that the "frozen fire" in which they were consumed by their loved ones was provoked by something as physical as the chemical dynamics dragged along by endorphins.

In the salsa classes you will not only release those Cupid arrows, but you will also meet people who share similar tastes to yours.

Cheer up! Love may be waiting for you at the rhythm of the timbales.

#5. "Hot salsa..."
There's no doubt that salsa is a dance of sexy moves: if you let yourself be carried away by music, you'll have the opportunity to bring out your most sensual side. Dismelette yourself!

#6. "Hey, how's it going..."

Joining salsa classes will allow you to sharpen your dancing skills more efficiently than if you did it on your own.

A qualified teacher will train you properly with the advice you need to highlight and unleash your potential.

It's also a way to make a commitment: you're less at risk of quitting and more likely to find incentive by experiencing your own progress.

#7. "It was worth it..."
When the beginner's salsa steps are performed correctly, salsa can be a very beautiful dance to admire.

Salsa classes will teach you the correct body posture to use, as your instructor will instruct you on how to align your body when dancing.

Learning on your own, you can become disheartened, since you have no one to teach you properly or anyone to share those wonderful and funny mistakes with.

#8. "A crazy adventure..."
Looking for a personal challenge?Choose a challenge that fills you and, above all, that you have fun.

Getting to move in a similar way to how people who keep the rhythm in their blood can be motivating... while having fun with music and more people like you.

Salsa is your choice!

#9. "The Joyful One."
We don't add anything that will surprise you if we tell you that you need to have a certain physical background to face a salsa choreography. It's a dance where energy is wasted. However, you'll get in shape without even noticing. It's the advantage of camouflage exercise for fun.

#10. "Chachacha."
Finally, as you well know, life is about learning. If you consider that this is the right moment to get started in the world of dance, salsa is a genre that has its complication, but with which you will learn certain habits that will make you a good dancer. Don't get discouraged. Dancing will teach you patience and perseverance. What more can you ask for? And all at a reasonable price for a few dancers.

As we said at the beginning, the benefits of dancing are extensive. We've offered you ten reasons to sign up for salsa lessons. We'd love for you to share with us other motives you can think of. Some of our readers will thank you for it: it could be the push to launch. Tell us about them in the food you eat.

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