When you start to dance salsa and you join a dance school with salsa classes. You realize that every teacher has his own teaching methodology. I have been several years dancing and when I ask for dance to a girl I always get to the dilemma of whether the girl will dance Cuban salsa or salsa LA or if she knows much or knows a little ... Anyway, it does not matter, what matters is to get a minimal connection with the couple, who you may know, that you put attitude and most importantly that you have a good time.

So today I want to show five basic steps that you have to learn in order to dance salsa with anyone.

The basic step of salsa

The Salsa music consists of eight times in which we step all times except 4 and 8 when we stop. The boy begins the sequence with the left foot forward and the girl with the right foot back. You can see the sequence of steps in the video below. There are different combinations of basic steps as the lateral or the cross that you should also learn.


The rotation of the girl

The second thing you should know is how to turn the girl. To do so, the boy has to lift the arm of the girl for her turn in the time 5 just when her left foot is forward. At the end of the turn it continues with the sequence of the basic step. You can see an example in the following video.


The “Dile que no”

The purpose of this step is to exchange the position of the boy with the girl. This requires out of the way for the girl to walk to the new position guided by the boy's right arm and may be able to start another dance sequence or the basic step again.


Enchufla doble

This step is widely used in salsa casino (we'll talk about it deeply in another post) and is one of the basic steps you need to know.


The 70

It is the ultimate step is taught at the beginning of everything is simple but very visual. It starts with the two holding hands in the open position and intertwined hands as explained in the video.


With these 5 basic steps you can start dancing. As all that matters is that you practice a lot and you go dancing every time you can...

What do not you dare get a girl or a boy to dance? Soon we will give you the keys to dare.

See you at the dance floor!