If you like to shake your hips to the rhythm of salsa and live in Barcelona, you're in luck. You must release the mental ballast that prevents you from taking the step and sign up for some of the schools with salsa classes in Barcelona that we propose below. But first, learn what the mental and physical benefits of practicing it are.

Salsa Dancing Benefits

Salsa, a dance (like many others) of Latin origin, will do. First, forget your troubles for a while and smile. In addition, being an aerobic exercise will help you to stay in shape, as it stimulates fat burning and tones the muscles.

As if it were not enough with all those benefits, he especially models the legs, which as you know are one of the most sensual and mythical parts of the body, especially by man.

It is, however, an honest, pure and respectful dance, which treats both genres in an equal manner and which will allow you to uninhibit yourself. Many of the best salsa dancers in the world were and are really shy and found in this magical dance a way to connect with society and demonstrate their worth.

Where to learn salsa in Barcelona

Currently at go&dance we see that there are 75 dance schools in Barcelona province that offer among other dance styles... salsa classes, Cuban salsa classes, salsa online, salsa on2 and even salsa caleña classes.

So if you want to learn to dance salsa in Barcelona you have it easy.

There are plenty of dance courses available for you but to make it a little easier for you to find your next dance class we have created this list with some (11) dance schools where you can enjoy salsa classes in Barcelona city. (Don't hesitate, contact them and try a class. You won't regret it)

Cuban salsa schools in Barcelona

Schools of Cuban salsa and salsa LA in Barcelona

Salsa LA schools in Barcelona

In any case, there are many other salsa schools in Barcelona so we encourage you to do some research before choosing the dance academy that best suits your tastes and needs, as well as finding the one that offers you the best value proposition for what you want.

So you already know some of the options you have to teach salsa in Barcelona.

If you know any of the dance schools in Barcelona. Follow them and share the content with them.

But now, you could tell us in the comments... What is your dance school and why did you choose it? (We love to hear from you.