Swing dancing is becoming more and more recognized worldwide and has become very popular with its lovers and those who are open to discovering it.

As you know, Swing and dancing in general is an activity that keeps your mind alive and gives you a lot of energy. But in this post we're going to tell you 4 reasons why you should start dancing swing and maybe you didn't imagine.

Until NOW, of course. 😊

In addition, we have selected 2 very famous swing songs for you to enjoy this style of the 30s and 40s so popular today.

To conclude, we highlight the swing for its peculiar fashion among its followers and that is totally identifiable.

Are you ready to add swing to your life?

personas bailando swing en la pista de baile

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At Go&dance we want to transmit our passion for dance and show that there is a style for everyone.

(If you want to learn how to dance this wonderful dance you can search among the schools with swing classes on our website)

That's why, in this post we help you to discover 4 of the benefits you will have if you start swinging.

Do you dare to discover it with us?

4 benefits of swing dancing that you may not know

#1. Swinging is a social activity that allows you to connect with people

There are few activities in life that allow us to communicate, connect and express creativity with another person at the same time. In swing, every dance is an opportunity to create. You dare to try it?

As in any dance style, there are some established steps, counting and connection that are reflected in the rhythm, musicality and play.

Swing is a social dance that allows us to connect and meet new people. The social benefit through dancing is one of the main reasons to continue to fill the swing lovers' dance floors and grow this community.

Each dance to be performed will become a new connection with a new person. Finding out is always an adventure.

It is totally unique and it is an unparalleled experience that two unknown people can enjoy and share a dance through the language of swing.

And what do you think?

That's how swing was originally danced.


#2. By Swing dancing you will be part of a growing community around the world

The most fascinating thing about swing and many dance styles is that they have gradually spread worldwide. What swing dancing allows you to be part of a community that grows around the world.

In addition, the easiest way to keep up to date to find swing dancing places, schools or others is with the Google search engine or directly with us.

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Even if you don't speak the local language, dancing allows you to connect with another person through physical connection and non-verbal communication through the language of dancing. It's something you have to live through to understand it.

Therefore, social dancing is another kind of language that allows you to get to a new city and meet people immediately.

In addition, the dance styles originate from specific places, as well as Tango in Argentina, Salsa Cubana in Cuba or Bollywood in India, allows you to connect more intensely and get to know, understand and enjoy a culture and its musicality.

Would you like to include learning to swing so you can understand and get to know their culture better?

It's amazing to know, wherever you go, you can find a community trapped by swing that shares your same interests and passions.

Now you know you'll never be alone and there are many like you, lovers or future swing lovers to meet.


Lone Star Championchip at Lindyfest in Houston, Texas.

#3. Boost your energy and improve your health at the rate of Swinging

We are in the digital age, in which our professional and personal lives are becoming more and more digital, and we constantly live surrounded by technology. That's why physical and real experiences are becoming more and more important. And what do you think?

Social networks have become a marvel that connect us to the online world, yet they are no substitute for physical connection. The human being needs physical contact and touch, it is in our DNA and it is part of our nature.

Swing dancing is an activity that keeps you fit, gives you energy and is fun. As Vogue explains, it's like a conversation without a script, as you have to let yourself be carried away by the music and the partner you're dancing with. Swing dancing is a physical and mental connection that happens in the present moment of dancing.

There are several benefits of swing, however we also highlight its benefits as a therapeutic and very rewarding activity as explained.

#4. You will enjoy and have fun with the music of the Swing

If you are a lover of swing music your power to dance to it will be even greater, as you have a first connection, the musicality.

Yes or no, you have to start those classes and stop watching YouTube videos of Swing dancers. Now you'll be just another dancer on the Swing tracks yourself.

Learn the basic steps of the Swing and let yourself be carried away by its songs. If you love a musical style you have to dance it too!

bailarines disfrutando de un baile de swing entre paredes de ladrillo en la calle

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2 swing songs for you to practice (they're classic)

As in all musical styles there are always themes that stand out. In this case, we have allowed ourselves the luxury of sharing these two songs so recognized of swing:

“Come fly with me” by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie.

This song is a swing classic and has always filled the dance floors.

“If don’t mean a thing” by Ella Fitzgerald.

Amazing live interpretation of that song.

What do you think of the selected swing themes, have you already added them to your playlist?

Swing, its fashion and style

Swing is more than just a dance! Swing is a style that has even set a trend among its dancers. What we today call vintage or retro style.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the swing culture shone with suspenders, vests, lace shoes and caps for boys or flying dresses for girls.

His origins have had a great reputation in the looks of his dancers. Swing lovers are attracted to the retro look, and they all dress in the same style.

As you can see the swing has a very particular aesthetic. You ready to put on some Keds and swing dance?

cartel moda swing

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cartel de la moda del swing

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We'd like to end this post with a quote from Frankie Manning:

“Every dance is a 3-minute romance.” - Frankie Manning

Are you willing to live the romances on the dance floor and enjoy this passionate dance style?

Learn to dance Swing now, you won't regret it! 😉