In case you don't already know, the origins of tango were in Argentina. However, tango began to spread worldwide very quickly. In fact, nowadays Tango is a great success in the dance halls of many cities around the world.

It is true that Argentina is the best country to learn how to dance tango, but there are already many world cities that have welcomed tango and it has gained a lot of popularity.

In this post, we have made a selection of some of the 5 best cities in the world to dance tango, starting in Buenos Aires, then New York, Paris, Barcelona and ending in Japan.

So you know, you don't have to travel to Argentina to learn or dance a good tango. Wherever you are, there's always a place for you to keep dancing!

Ready to discover new destinations and dance?

#1- Tango in Buenos Aires

It could be said that you can dance tango in practically any corner of Buenos Aires, as the city is full of tanguerías (a place to learn to dance tango and dance in a ballroom).

buenos aires desde el aire. Un ciudad perfecta para bailar Tango


I'm sure you must be thinking that choosing a school from so many options in this beautiful capital is a challenge, isn't it?

Don't worry, we will share 5 options to learn to dance tango in Buenos Aires: the milongas (which are dance halls or events where people gather to dance and usually offer classes before the start of the event), the Viruta, the Cathedral, the Confitería La Ideal, and you also have the option to take private lessons.

And if! Even in its streets you can enjoy and appreciate a good tango. In the most touristic areas there are dancers giving incredible live tango performances. Would you like to see a live performance?

In addition, in Buenos Aires there are many places where Tango shows and performances are held. Very popular among its locals, as they have a great passion for its music and dance, and also among its visitors and tourists.

Visiting the city of Buenos Aires and not seeing a tango show is like visiting France and not tasting its wines and cheeses. Isn't that right?

We would like to recommend you one of the most famous and great clubs in Buenos Aires, Señor Tango, with a capacity of up to 1000 people to enjoy and enjoy live tango shows. In this incredible place you can have dinner and at the same time enjoy a good tango show. Are you going to miss it?

Foto de El Señor Tango en Buenos Aires

Source Pinterest

Tango in the streets of Buenos Aires

# 2- Tango in New York

In New York, not only is Hip Hop danced, tango has also reached the streets of the famous big block.

Vista de Nueva York desde el aire una ciudad perfecta para bailar Tango

Source Unsplash

Tango lovers can now also enjoy the possibilities of learning the traditional Argentinean dance in New York as you can see here. From learning the basics of tango to the most advanced classes.

In addition, New York is a very large city that offers a wide variety of opportunities for locals and tourists, so the option of going out to dance tango in New York for the more knowledgeable, beginners or those who like to discover a dancing city, is also within your reach.

Don't miss it! Because there are also rooms where live Tango shows are held. Visit NYC Argentine Tango Co. among other venues. Enjoy the sensuality of tango combined with the lights, architecture and great buildings of New York.

bailarines bailando tango en la ciudad con paraguas en Nueva York

Tango in the streets of New York City by

# 3- Tango in Paris

Paris, the city of romance and the famous and renowned Eiffel Tower, is also the capital that opened the doors to Tango at the beginning of its international expansion.

Paris desde el aire la ciudad del amor y el tango

Source Unsplash

According to the origins of tango, Paris was the first capital city to receive tango shows and hence its great recognition and enthusiasm worldwide.

Paris is a city full of life, magical corners and lots of dance. The style of tango, so elegant and sensual, fits perfectly between the streets of Paris.

Besides being able to dance in nightclubs and take tango lessons in Paris, in the summer season there is a very guinguette atmosphere in Paris. Do you know what it is? They are outdoor snacks in which you can dance.

Join the 19th district, Rosa Bonheur gives rise to snacks in which you can eat, drink and dance Tango in the open air.

Don't forget to visit this fantastic place and enjoy a good tango with its bars!

Dancers Fernando and Valeria dancing Tango in Paris

# 4- Tango in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is much loved by locals and tourists alike. I'm sure you love it too!

Barcelona y el Tango visto desde el aire


However, not only is it a favourite destination for tourists, but Barcelona has also gained much interest for dance lovers, as it is a place that has many schools, dance halls and multiple options for dancing and enjoying.

Although no, Spain is recognized as the country of flamenco and sevillanas, however, many other dance styles are also danced in Barcelona, including Tango.

Barcelona has more than 25 dance schools where you can learn tango and there are portals like go&dance and that promote tango dancing. Choose the one you like best to learn how to dance tango or to continue improving your technique!

We would like to recommend you some of the most recognized rooms to go out and dance tango in Barcelona: Original Tango - Graciela and Osvaldo - La Yumba Tango and the Milonga del Mar Tango in Barcelona. However, you can always visit our ballroom page in Barcelona, filter by "Tango" dance style and go out dancing.

Tango Show in Barcelona at Milonga del Mar

# 5- Tango in Tokio

It is so curious to think that a dance style has been able to reach so many places in the world. And yes, Tango is also danced in the streets of Japan. As Tangocity says, starting with Tokyo, its capital.

Tokio por la noche visto desde el aire


Tango was first installed in Tokyo thanks to Megata, who set up a free dance academy where she taught the Japanese community how to dance tango. As a result, the tango began to expand and more and more people spread tango in the Japanese style, and several tango orchestras and ensembles were formed.

Nowadays, tango is very popular in Japan. This is due to the fact that during the Second World War the diffusion of jazz music was prohibited.

bailarines de tango en Tokio

Midori and Brix tango dancers from Tokyo. Source

Some of the most important places to learn to dance tango according to are: Tango Night in Tsukiji-shijo, Club Tanguisimo, Luna de Tango Puro Tango.

Don't forget to stop by one of these places if you visit Tokyo!

Dancing is a good way to meet and spend time with locals, without the need to speak the local language. Dare to tango the Japanese way!

We hope you liked our selection of the best capitals to dance tango.

As you can see, regardless of whether a dance style has its origins in a region, today all styles have spread, and dance has become a new form of expression, a new way of connecting with people and a new way of connecting with society.

Now you know, wherever you are you can always enjoy a tango dance and find a community that shares your passion: dancing.

Would you like to share your experience dancing tango in one of the above mentioned cities or a brand new one?

We would love to know where you have danced tango. Leave your comment, we will be happy to read your story, answer it and share it.