Are you passionate about tango or is it a style of dance that you would like to learn how to dance? If you are starting to connect with the world of tango we recommend that you have a good playlist of tango songs available.

For this reason, we have made a selection of the most famous and attractive tango songs of all time so that you can listen to them and sing their lyrics in your free time, on your way to work or as background music while taking a moment of rest.

It is very important that you can enjoy and connect with the melodies of Argentine tango. In this way you can express their sensuality, rhythm and passion through the steps of this style so recognized and popular in different countries of the world.

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The most irresistible songs of Argentine and modern tango of all times

#1. Carlos de Gardel – Mi Buenos Aires Querido

The famous Carlos Gardel is and was the greatest representative of tango. It has a great repertoire of tango songs and we have selected the piece by Mi Buenos Aires Querido, which honors the famous capital of Argentina where you can dance and vibrate with tango music with great passion.

Carlos de Gardel triumphed with all his albums as a singer and composer, as well as the variety of films related to tango and all the musicality he created.


#2. Edmundo Rivero – Cafetín de Buenos Aires

Edmundo Rivero was a great tango singer. His great success allowed him to triumph as a soloist and owner of his own instrumental ensemble.

You can't miss this great song, Cafetín de Buenos Aires, which will make you feel the intensity, passion and sensuality of tango through the great orchestral melody and lyrics of the song.


#3. Carlos de Gardel – Por una cabeza

It is a classic tango by Carlos de Gardel, whose lyrics make reference to horse racing and fanaticism around these competitions, and at the same time describes the relationships between women and life.

A classic and a success that has not stopped playing on all the tango dance floors until today. I'm sure you've heard this song before, right?


#4. Cesaria Evoria – Besame mucho

Let us introduce you to this fabulous piece written by Mexican pianist and composer Consuelito Velázques (1916-2005). This piece was performed by several artists and we would like to highlight the version of tango sung by Cesaria Evoria.

A perfect song to dance a tango with a lot of romanticism, softness and love on the floor.

Would you like to dance to it?


#5. Julieta Venegas y Bajo Fondo – Pa’ Bailar

Our beloved Mexican Julieta Venegas could not miss, apart from performing rock songs, ska/reggae music in the Tijuana band No!, indie and alternative music, we fall in love with this piece called Pa' Bailar, a more modern piece of tango.

What do you think of this tango version of Julieta Venegas?


#6. Julio Iglesias – La Cumparsita

The famous Spanish singer, composer, businessman, lawyer and ex-football player from Madrid triumphed with his piece La Cumparsita. He is one of the most important Latin artists in history and this song, among many of the hits he created, proves it.

This piece of tango has come to sound in many different environments, as well as on movie screens. A classic that can't be missing from your playlist of the best tango songs!


#7. Gotan Project – Mi confesión

Gotan Project is an electronic tango and electronic jazz band. The group is made up of three artists, the Swiss musician Christoph H. Müller, the French Dj Philippe Cohen Solal and the Argentine musician Eduardo Makaroff.

The origin of this musical fusion of the group was in Paris. Their great success led them to be able to perform their music on international tours.

It has been proven that the style of tango has also fused musically and it is a pleasure to see the different interpretations of it.


#8. Shakira – Te aviso, te anuncio

It may seem strange to name Shakira on our list of the best tango songs, but the famous singer-songwriter, among many other artistic skills, also created a successful version of tango.

We thought that one of his pieces could not be missing from our playlist, as his songs and dances always leave all his viewers in love.

As you can see, Shakira is not only very good with the movement of her hips, she also has a very stylish and sensual tango style.


#9. Roberto Goyeneche Osvaldo Pugliese – Mano a mano

We highlight this memorable piece of tango by Roberto Goyeneche. Our beloved singer stood out for his highly personal style that has stood out over the years.

This piece was composed musically in 1923 by Carlos Gardel and José Razzano, and Celedonio Flores composed the lyrics.

You ready to hear it?


#10. La Alcoba de las Musas Mix - Tango Electrónico

To finish our great selection of the best tango songs we would like to highlight this piece of electronic tango from La Alcoba de las Musas Mix.

What do you think of this fusion of electronic tango? Do you want to dance it?


We hope you liked our selection of modern and electronic Argentinean tangos. Now there are no excuses to add them to your playlist and start trying out such a classic, sensual and passionate style: tango.

Share them with music lovers and try those tango lessons you've been waiting for for so long.

You know, you don't have to go to Argentina to learn it, nowadays tango sounds in all the main cities of the world. So you know, look for the nearest tanguería or a school where they teach this classic and attractive dance style.

And now...

What are your favorite Tango dancing songs that are not on this list?

We would love to know what your favorite tango songs and lyrics are. Add them in the blog comments and we will help you to discover new or not so new tango music.