Festival 50 Shades of Kizomba 2016 - 50 Nuances De Kiz'

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From Friday 27 of May at 18:00 to Monday 30 of May at 06:00
This event finished on 30 May 2016




Chesnaie du roy
route de la pyramide
75012 - paris


The most tremendous kizomba event:

“50 Shades of Kizomba” Festival will be held on 27, 28 and 29 May 2016 at Chesnaie du Roy, Route de la Pyramide, in Paris 12th district,

near the famous castle "Chateau de Vincennes"



********************* BOOKING ********************


( + €2.18 Weezevent commission fees)



- 52 hours of workshops (all levels offered and you select your own classes), even for real begginers

- Three evening parties themed (performances and showcases) with

- 2 showcases of Mika Mendes and Eduardo Paim

- Access to the Social Room (open dancing every afternoon)

- 1 historical conference with Eduardo Paim and Edson Tecas on "The origins and birth of Kizomba"

- 1 debate on the theme “Kizomba dance and evolution” with various speakers (Friday)

- Debates, conferences and a screening of the "Tango Negro" movie

...You can always dance during performances


The "50 Shades of Kiz" Festival will be sponsored by an extraordinary group made up of teachers, a singer and a DJ.

- The very famous instructors Tecas and Dilson and their school, Kizomba.fr

- The famous singer Mika Mendes

- Our great parisian DJ Madiss

- our Major figure of kizomba in paris, Dj Zayx and his terrific SKdron team.

*** LINE-UP**


- Mika Mendes (France/Cap-Vert): sponsor

- Eduardo Paim (Angola)

**Teachers in attendance

- Mike Evens & Emelie: confirmed

- Tecas & Miss Jo: confirmed (sponsors)

- Dilson and Bernadette: confirmed (sponsors)

- Cymeone Mopao: confirmed

-Tomas Kéita & Filipa: confirmed

- Georges and Laura: confirmed

- Victor and Coralie: confirmed

- Nassemba and Rash: confirmed

- Ennuel & Hakima: confirmed

- Giles de Souza (GDS): confirmed

- Vitor Mendes & Rita: confirmed

- Dennis Beijinho and Kat: confirmed

- Yves Nakinho and Elodie KS: confirmed

- Isabelle: confirmed

- Karol: confirmed

- L’ange noir: confirmed

- Mams and Anthéa: confirmed

- Laurent and Adeline: confirmed

- Ben and Audrey: confirmed

- Gwanny and Kizzy: confirmed

- Kinggali and Marlène: confirmed

- Ruddy and Basia: confirming

- Krys and Nessah: confirmed

- Amadou and Alice: confirmed

- Bertrand and Céline: confirmed

- Abdou and Marion: confirmed

- Flyin Patwis and Shaily: confirmed

- Jay Kriminal: confirmed

- Pierre Barraud from the Kiz Your Life Team: confirmed

- Antonio Bandeira: (pending)

- Ritchie and Jordan Sk: confirmed

- Effy: (pending)

- Popping Jajao Blaze: confirmed

** DJs

- DJ Madiss: confirmed (sponsor)

- DJ Zay X: confirmed (sponsor)

- DJ Radikal: confirmed (the sweetness Dealer)

- DJ Saï Saï: confirmed

- DJ Sponky: confirmed

- DJ Sabura: confirmed

- DJ Leda: confirmed

- DJ Lycia: confirmed

- DJ Proteck: confirmed

- DJ Fabinho FM: confirmed

- DJ Noos Mixman: confirmed

- DJ Rico: confirmed

- DJ Hugo Smile: confirmed



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