Salsa, Rumba and Afro-Cubano Classes with Leo Martínez

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From Monday 4 of April at 00:00 to Tuesday 28 of June at 00:00
Afro - Cuban Salsa - Rumba
This event finished on 28 Jun 2016


Alejandra Weil - Alarde Danza
Alejandra Weil - Alarde Danza


Alarde Danza
Luis Vélez de Guevara 9, local
28012 - Madrid



- Monday from 21:00 to 22:00 afro and rumba. open level

- Monday from 22:00 to 23:00 Cuban salsa. Intermediate level.

- Tuesday from 22:00 to 23:00, rumba and afro. Open level.

In Flaunt Dance

Luis Vélez de Guevara 9 Local. 28012 Madrid.

regular classes throughout the course until June 2015.


- 13 euros loose class.

- 35 euros a month coming one hour a week.

- 55 euros per month coming two hours a week.

- 75 euros per month coming three hours a week

Cuban rumba: his dance style known as guaguancó comes from the mixture of Spanish and African rumba music. Usually a flirtation between man and woman really fun.

The Afro-Cuban or folklore: surge of protest, dance and music of African slaves brought to Cuba. In folklore there are several styles, one of the most popular is the dance of the Orishas, ​​gods and saints Cubans, who are dancing as a way of offering or party.

All these movements are applied to the sauce to enrich the dance, mix styles and make a difference.

Here you can see an example of these styles Leo dancing in an improvisation:

It is danced barefoot, you have to bring comfortable clothes, girls can bring a skirt and a scarf boys for days Cuban rumba is made.

More information or 629365577

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