Edutrip: Salsa in Cuba - 7 days and nights immersion in Cuban culture

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Every Monday from 00:00 to 00:00
Afro - Cuban Salsa - Mambo - Rueda casino - Rumba - Salsa - Son
This event finished on 26 Dec 2016


Sandunga Dance School
09100 - Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba
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Eduviaje to Cuba: Salsa, Volunteering, Classes in Cuban cuisine and cocktails, nights out, parties, personal dance partner, walking tour of the city, optional excursions or hiking with discount, accommodation, breakfast, guide / coordinator and transfers.

Throughout the year - From 7 nights starting weekly in Santiago de Cuba and Havana. Give value to your holiday in Cuba. We combine professional collaborations, volunteering, links with companies and associations, salsa lessons, music classes, nightlife, dance partner ...

For Cubans the opportunity to express their traditional values of ​​dance, music and art outside the framework of the theoretical knowledge acquired in schools and universities has priority and is compatible with the range of values supported by this website: .

Secondly, we make possible the exchange of information related to business opportunities, trade and investment for those who want to collaborate in the modernization of the Cuban economy. It's time to bet on Cuba, for the opportunities it offers.

And finally, as Cuba is a country where solidarity is much appreciated, we have created this program where people to people sharing and learning are carried out in a personal, lively and fun-filled environment.

The most outstanding features are:

+ Solidarity events, professional collaboration or internships, volunteer experience in the area of ​​your specialization.

+ See the outskirts of the cities and glimpse the life of the people.

+ Dance classes (salsa, son, rumba, Afro Cuban, rueda, mambo) with recognized schools in Santiago de Cuba and Havana, including nights out and personal dance partner.

+ Optional excursions: 10% discount with prior reservations. For example: Arts in Santiago de Cuba or Spirits and Religions.

+ Open to participants from around the world: singles, students, couples or groups, traveling alone or with another person, especially for those who prefer to travel with a purpose beyond tourism and its standardization, with the possibility of learning and sharing.

+ Flexibility in the choice of your activities.

+ With the support of our local coordinators (see website:

+ Included: tuition, accommodation, guide, breakfasts, city tour, transfers, welcome or farewell dinner.


1. Classes (according to choice) - Havana and/or Santiago de Cuba

2. Volunteer or professional collaboration - Only Santiago de Cuba

3. Accommodation in private B & B, double room with bathroom

4. American breakfasts

5. Transfers airport or station

6. Laundry (once per week)

7. Cuban dance partner

8. Night out/ parties

9. Local coordinator

10. Welcome lunch or dinner

11. Orientation: including city tour, tourist and transport information, tips on Cuban currencies, communication (cell phones, email, wifi), telephone number for queries locally and safety tips.


1. Single Occupancy at the hotel - 70 euros/wk

2. Drinks - beers cost 1 CUC.

3. Meals except the welcome or farewell dinners and the breakfasts which are very abundant. We negotiate a fixed price of 5 CUCs per meal with each landlord; you can take advantage of the restaurants in national currency which your guide will indicate.

4. Communication (wifi 1 or 2 USD per hour in public squares)

5. Excursions (10% in pre-booking) Info:

How to register?

1. Fill online application:

2. Email to a photo and passport copy.

3. Deposit of 300 euros: You will be billed by PayPal with credit card payment.

4. Purchase your ticket to get to Cuba. See More Info at:

5. Send us your arrival and departure information.

6. We will send you the itinerary with all data and the final payment one month before leaving.


We have no pre-established dates. We accept flexible dates. Minimum duration: one week.

Note: 150 euros refundable in case of cancellation.

Become part of the interesting changes now happening in the history of Cuba!


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Sandunga Dance School


09100 - Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba


Jill Arcaro Eduviajes para la salud y el bienestar

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No. We recommend flying directly to Santiago de Cuba.

- Sunrise Airways from Port Au Prince, Haiti, 4 times a week, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

- Intercaribbean Airways from Providenciales, Bahamas, 2 times a week.

- Cubana Airways from Madrid (Tuesdays) and Santo Domingo (Mondays) once a week.

- Aerogaviota Airlines from Kingston 2 times a week.

The options are as follows:

- Buy a flight in Cubana Airways (Cubana de Aviation). Price: about 120 euros.

- ViaAzul bus service is 53 cuc. It is public service coach for tourists and about 14 hours is required.

- There is a private and more comfortable bus from the main square of Santiago to Havana Libre Hotel in Havana. Tickets are 50 cuc and include lunch. It must be purchased 3 days before in Havana.

Yes. It is necessary to obtain a Cuban tourist card (visa) and insurance.

You can buy them on the website of Online Tours or in person in Madrid, Barcelona and Las Palmas. Price: 22 euros for the visa and 12 euros for the insurance.

This is the web page:

We recommend bringing: backpack, blanket, water, sunscreen, hiking boots or tennis shoes, watch, phone, flashlight, clothing for tropical climate (shorts, shirts, swimwear, hat), towel, mosquito protection, copy of passport, gifts for children in the village (school supplies, books, etc.)

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