Thursday of salsa and bachata at DIO Club

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From Thursday 12 of May at 00:00 to Friday 13 of May at 00:00
Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Salsa - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata
This event finished on 13 May 2016


Dio Club
Carrer Perill, 10
08012 - Barcelona



Doors open at 22:00 for your internship

The #Jueves are #Salud & #Dance

#Salsa Workshop from 23:00 to 23:30 with Javier Castro.

He directs the meeting in room 1 with our teacher Javier Castro #Salsa and Hall 2 #BachataSebsual with Alejandro Sendra until 02:00

-700m2 Floating parquet business so you can dance more 4h. without your legs suffer.

- Excellent air conditioning

- Only for dancers

- Facilities 1st 2nd prices


Seven Dance, thinking about the best for you and to maintain and further enhance the good atmosphere and the exclusivity of the practice sessions are called Dio Club, to enter the school, you must present the card access to the workshops , classes and practical activities.

If you still do not have it, request it through the web on the link: www.dioclub / members and will give you for FREE the same day as they enter the school or through e-mails: or

Necessary information:

- DNI (Required present to collect)

- Phone

- Email

- Recommended by: (School, Teacher)

You will be given the same day that you come to Dio Club activities they do in Seven Dance Dance School.

Standards and Recommendations:

- No talc or resin cast to the ground, (could cause serious injury to others) recommend appropriate footwear.

- Hygiene and grooming are aspects that we should not forget and clothing

In these practice sessions alcohol is not served.

THESE ARE DEDICATED SESSIONS EXCLUSIVELY FOR DANCERS, if not you dance better not come, because you would not understand.

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Puedes realizar el carné online y de forma gratuita en este link y se entregará el mismo día de tu visita, así evitarás colas.

Seven Dance está situado en el corazón de Barcelona, en la parte baja de Gracia, junto a la Diagonal y cerca de plaza Cataluña. Numerosos autobuses (H8, H10, V17, 6, 20, 22, 33, 34, 39, 45, 47, N4, N5, N6) y metro (Diagonal L3, y L5, Verdaguer L5), llegan hasta nuestras instalaciones: en la Calle del Perill nº10, 08012, Barcelona.

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