SolSalsa 2016

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From Friday 29 of July at 19:00 to Sunday 31 of July at 18:00
Bachata - Salsa
This event finished on 31 Jul 2016


Javi Azucar


Club de Tenis Redes
Calle Liñares
15623 - Ares
A Coruña


Good friends, because here I leave schedules and beautiful for summer feista, SolSalsa 2016.

 We begin on Friday 29 with a paella and a great Queimada to start the evening, night will be enlivened by the Footprints group to continue a Latin despeus session by Javi Nacho Azucar and the Habanero Habanero DJs Azucar program. The IIt will LatinOchentera, which will ask the attendees characterization of that time.


 11:00 am accreditations will be given to people who do not attend SolSalsa on Friday and Saturday come from.

  12:00 we go to the beach.

  13:00 start games (maximum rogamzo participation)

  13:45 start Zumba class with Laura Freire.

  14:30 we're going to eat

  15:00 Great Churrascada

  16:00 mini Azucar Habanero Edition

  17:00 Dance Class (Isma Escuela Activa-T)

  18:00 Games

  19:00 Relax to compensate all times delays, showers and general acicalamientos.

   22:00 Great Pirate Dinner. Characterisation for attendees:


   Beginning 24:00 Dj social dance with Azucar Habanero and Habanero Nacho Javi Azucar program

    During the festival there will be several surprises.


   12:00 We're going to a beach Relax

   14:30 Lunch

   16:30 Dance Class (Roberto Soul School)

   17:15 Gymkhana Loca.

   18:00 Closing of SolSalsa 2016


  Full Pass Corsair: includes all activities and meals written above from Friday until Sunday. € 50

  Full Pass Bucanero: includes all activities and meals from Saturday at 11:00 am. € 40

  Filibuster pass: Includes Friday noon or noon on Saturday or Sunday noon

  Friday: Dinner + Queimada + Party LatinOchentera including concert footprint. € 10

   Saturday: Games on the beach (including zumba class) + churrascada + All activities there until 19:00. € 20

   Sunday: Beach + food + games and dance class. € 20

  Grumete pass: Dinner + Social Tematica Pirates of the Caribbean: 20 €

  Points of sale; School Soul, or pro or Javi Nacho private message.

  Students of T-Active, school able to buy their passes at the same school with Isma.

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