Zouk Workshop (4 hours)

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From Saturday 26 of November at 10:30 to Saturday 26 of November at 14:30
This event finished on 26 Nov 2016


Centre Cívic Barceloneta
C/ Conreria 1
08003 - Barcelona


Thanks to the collaboration of the Center Cívic Barceloneta and the Association for the promotion of the Zouk Brasileño, we offer you this 4 hour workshops at an incredible price.

During the first two hours we will start in the basic steps and the fundamental steps to start dancing Zouk.

✓ Basic (1st steps)

✓ Connection in closed position

✓ Viradinha and changes of direction

✓ Lateral (4th step)

✓ Connection in the open position

✓ Turn (5th step)

✓ The Y

✓ Boomerang (4º-5º Y - 5º)

The next two hours; We will conduct an intermediate level workshop on head movements, applicable to other styles of dance.

To consider:

✭ History and musicality

✭ Explanations step by step

✭ Progressive Methodology

✭ Experienced instructors

✭ Time to practice

You can register at the same civic center:

Where: Center Cívic Barceloneta

Address: C / Conreria 1-9

Or using your web:


Telèfon: 93 256 33 00

Email: formacio@civicbarceloneta.com

Price: € 16.41

More information:

Whatsapp: 607598236 (Javi Santos)

Email: contact@javiandsam.com

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