Live Potato Head Jazz Band

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From Sunday 26 of March at 18:00 to Sunday 26 of March at 22:00
Balboa - Lindy Hop - Swing
This event finished on 26 Mar 2017


Carrer del Perill n.10
08012 - Barcelona
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Early entry:

12 € - Students SevenDance and XaviSwing

15 € - Regular

On-site ticket:

15 € - Students SevenDance and XaviSwing

18 € - Regular


The sessions Gave the Club spent decades being a reference in all the world. Its distribution, its large parquet square make it the best dance hall of barcelona.


Potato Head Jazz Band is a band of Hot Jazz, Swing and Dixieland , composed of 6 members of different nationalities: Spain, Australia and Argentina. Today it is one of the best bands of this style in the country, and without a doubt the most recognition and international projection.

The group was formed in 2003 in Granada, Spain, with the specific idea of recreating the traditional jazz of the early decades of the TWENTIETH century. With this goal in common, their experienced components begin to shape the particular style that today characterizes Potato Head Jazz Band. A style that intends to respect to the maximum the aesthetics and the sound of the origins of jazz in New Orleans.

He has acted in some of the best Festivals of Jazz and Swing, the europeans, being chosen "The most entertaining Band" after his time at the International Jazz Festival in Birmingham, UK. Furthermore, it has been the only band of this style so fun that it has acted to The Concerts of Radio 3 on Spanish Television.

The sound of the band is clearly influenced by the origins of its components, that provide the "flavor" and energy only in the scenario that characterize them. Potato Head Jazz Band always provides a careful staging. Its intelligent combination of music, performance, instruments, voices and good humour to form a show communication that invites the public to interact so energetic and fun.

Banjo, double bass, clarinet, drums, saxophone and trumpet come together to provide a unique show starring the painstaking work that is dedicated to each and every one of its aspects: the music, the staging, the costumes and the instruments.

Potato Head Jazz Band published in June of 2015, their most recent album called "Like a child", consisting of 12 songs and the first to include songs written by themselves, in addition to interesting arrangements and versions of some of the best successes of the traditional jazz.

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